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Season 15: Miner's Day Off

Soul Crusher

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A miner season is something I have talked alot about, for a few reasons, 1st its my favorite card. 2nd, an underground/cave could be really fun an add some really fun challanges/mechanics into the game.


It could have something from each arenas, little cave holes (portals) that show how he travels so fast. it could show what the Tesla looks like underground as a make-shift chandelier. A golem quarry or a lava hound nest (each could also be their own season. Water (melted from frozen peak) and lava(from Pekkas playhouse) meet to make obsideon bridges (maybe), a mighty convenient Heating/Cooling/sauna.

Roots hang from the ceiling, little holes let in rays of sunshine. A couch, maybe a TV with TV royale on it. Piles of coal and gold and A pile of the same ole blue shirt and overalls that are desperate for a cleaning after all the coal mining for the skeletons and their bombs and for the the furnaces, the elixer mines, the bowlers bowling rocks and not to mention all the gold for the gold skins and players. The miner lays in the corner, his candle-covered helmet convering his face as he catches some Zs. A few viles of poison and liquid earthquake in the makeshift kitchen. The whole cave illuminated by sunlight during the day, with candles in the dark areas, and moonlight and candle by night. Glowing mushrooms would illuminate the night as well.(Maybe just a tiny bit of Elctro-valley shines through) and of course, the aforementioned Tesla chandelier. They could finally implement a day/night system depending on the time of your device, or easy on the eye gamming at night and vibrant display during the day.


Dust Bowl: the arena shakes sending dirt in the air, limiting the players view of the arena, not completely blocking it, just obscuring it.

Quaking Chaos: the entire arena is affected by earthquakes, making rocks fall onto the arena.

Miner Mayhem: a classic deck challenge with all decks including the miner!

Continental Drift. The river starts to very slowly get wider... Riders beware.

A bland unbalanced draft challenge.

Other A nice usefull miner emote BMy. A golem emote, a melting witch in poison (wizard of Oz) emote

Tower Skin Ideas:

Furnaces with piles of coal

m u d

Cave like structures

A castle with shovels going in a X formation.

Mushrooms (cuz the miners a FUN GUY)

A stump with fungi growing around it and a hole to get into

Let me know any more ideas, something that would look good in other arenas.

Star Skins

More star skins because they've sorta been lacking

After all the nerfs the miner just wants to rest, thank you for reading and good luck in the arena.

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