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Elixir Collector needs a rework

Soul Crusher

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Once one of the most common cards in the game, the elixir collector has now become a dead card. At its peak, the game was about placing as many elixir collectors early game to have an advantage late game to build up a giant push to win. However, with a series of nerfs, it has become basically obsolete.

List of nerfs:

  1. 5-->6 elixir, but produces 7-->8 elixir - this made it so that cycling elixir collectors would be slightly slower, so you couldn't place as many down
  2. -13 health - this would allow for neutral trades from cards such as lightning, which once would result in a -1 trade, as well as making it easier to take out in general
  3. Cannot be in starting 4 cards - you wouldn't be able to start with an elixir collector right off the bat
  4. Introduction of earthquake - basically hard counters elixir collector

Basically, at its current state, the elixir collector only serves a purpose in some xbow or 3m decks as spell bait. Its usage rate is currently 1.2% making it one of the least used cards in the game, and especially in a spell bait meta, the elixir collector is useless in most decks

One idea: make it more resistant to spells, like make it take some percentage less damage from spells. This would make it harder to counter for an easy neutral trade just by using a spell.

tldr: elixir collector is basically trash now and needs a rework.

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