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Exploring bridgespam (Pekka bridgespam)

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Before I start off this post, I would like to mention that I'm not a pro player and I'm not an expert at Clash Royale. I'm just the average player sitting at 6k to 6.3k every season.

In this post, I will not be talking about the history of bridgespam but what it is as an archetype and how it is played.

So what is bridgespam?

Bridgespam as an archetype is a hybrid between beatdown and control. It involves capitalising elixir advantages AND being able to overpower through your opponent's defenses.

Each bridgespam deck has its own beatdown and control scale. It can lean more towards a beatdown aspect or a control playstyle.

But in this post, I will be focusing on pekka bridgespam (I will not be talking about other match ups specifically besides mirror match ups).

Pekka bridgespam is a bridgespam deck that leans more towards a beatdown aspect compared to most other bridgespam decks. It can be played as either a beatdown deck or a control deck and it mostly relies on winning one to one interactions.

When do you play it like a beatdown deck?

This playstyle is recommended when playing against a control deck (like miner, log bait and hog). Playing pekka bridgespam as a beatdown deck involves placing the pekka behind the king tower to mount up a push. Before you do this, you need to make sure your opponent's primary win condition is out of cycle. You support the pekka with either ewiz or magic archer (Magic archer is more recommended against decks that have a ton of swarm or a building). Once the pekka reaches the bridge and the opponent has deprived themselves of elixir, you rush the opposite lane with battle ram and royal ghost/bandit. Alternatively, bandit can also be used to support the pekka.

It is recommended to take out their tower in single elixir because they'll need more time to place down a troop when they're down in elixir.

When do you play it as a control deck?

You play it as a control deck if you face golem, giant and goblin giant. The difference is that you play your pekka reactively instead of proactively, to counter their tank. Once their tank is destroyed, you can choose to place your battle ram behind the pekka or opposite lane, in which the former is a better move against mini tanks like valkyrie, goblin cage or mini pekka while the latter is a better move against ranged units like ewiz, bomber and musketeer.

OR, if they play a tank in the back, you can choose to push opposite lane immediately with a battle ram combo and then counter their tank, but this move is only recommended in double/triple elixir.

What about mirror matches?

Pekka mirror matches, especially during single elixir is a constant tug of war at the bridge. You play pekka behind the king tower and your opponent mirrors the pekka or vice versa. The winner is determined to the player who is able to keep their pekka alive. You will need to support your pekka with ewiz to stun the opposing pekka so she gets less hits onto your pekka. Using battle ram to tank for the pekka is another strategy people use. Once the opponent's pekka is gone, you will then be able to play bandit, ghost and magic archer to deal damage to their tower without your push being stopped by their pekka.

Why is it a bad idea to rush opposite lane in single elixir in a mirror match when the opponent plays a pekka in the back?

First of all, pekka decks like to trade towers. Secondly, your deck mostly relies on an expensive tank to defend a push. If you do a battle ram combo push in the opposite lane, they can counter it with a royal ghost once the troops lock onto the tower. And then they support that full health royal ghost with a battle ram. Which leaves you in a situation in which you have to deal with both lanes.

In double elixir, especially when it's close to overtime, this is an ok move. Your opponent won't have enough elixir to defend the whole push and you would be able take down their tower before they take down yours.


How to use zap in a pekka deck:

Most often when people play pekka against a deck with no swarm or no troops to reset. They don't know when to play zap. So these are some situations in which you can use zap in:

(Keep in mind that zap against a deck with no swarm or troops to reset should mostly be used on the opponent's side of the arena)

  • Cycle the zap onto the enemy tower if you have a bad starting hand.

  • A bandit dash + hit + zap kills fireballies like musketeer and ewiz, allowing the bandit to immediately dash onto the tower. A perfectly timed zap on an enemy bandit can also deny them counter push potential with that bandit.

  • A royal ghost + zap kills ice wiz and ewiz allowing the ghost to get some hits onto the tower. It also kills a bandit on the opponent's side not allowing them to build a potential counterpush.

  • Pekka + zap kills bandit, hunter, fisherman, knight, tesla and probably others I forgot to mention.

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