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og player here, played this game 4 years ago for 2 years- I was the highest lvl 11 in the world for a few season, then the highest lvl 12. Some people may recognize my name(Yan). Was a competitive player for team queso back when surgical goblin was signed

Soul Crusher

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I'll try to make it short- In 2017 my email got hacked and someone stole my account. I gave supercell all the info they asked for, and after few weeks I got my account back! Few months later exactly before I got drafted, my new email got hacked, again. (I know, not very responsible of me). I started the process again but sadly supercell said I can't recover my account twice(even tho I have all the evidence that I'm the rightful owner). Sadly, getting drafted made me to quit the game. The hacker played the game and got my account banned, and it's impossible to recover banned accounts. Now 2 and a half years later, after I served my country, I want to hop on the game and play the game that made my childhood the best. I have all the gem recpiets, my old phone I used to play on, same IP I played with, tons of screenshots of my account, and 5k Facebook friends that watched me play every game. Here's imugr link for proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/Vx32Mz8 Please upvote this post, you guys are my last hope :( Thank you for reading!

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