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Supercell shoud implement a "refund" system

Soul Crusher

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I really think Supercell should give the possibility to refund any card that is changed (buff or nerf) after an update. A refund would mean that a player can get back the gold he invested into a card if that card is modified, and the card will be back to the lowest level. It's not mandatory, the player has the choice to do it or not (in the case he doesn't care about the changes).

That refund system would not mean a lot to walking-wallets with all cards at maxed level, but to a F2P player, it would allow him to not be financially/timely impacted by the modifications.

Supercell shouldn't make the player responsible for the nerf of half of his main deck. Each card is an investment, Supercell shouldn't be able to do something like :"Hey, too bad your cards are nerfed. Now, give me your time and/or money to play correctly with other cards, okay? Thanks pal."

This post is not a rant. I just want every player to be treated with fairness. For the moment, maybe, your cards haven't been touched. But when they will be, you will be happy to have a refund system.

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