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Balance Change thoughts (Season 14, Live August 3/4)

Soul Crusher

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Personally, I am very excited with the balance changes. I feel like Supercell has taken a giant step in the right direction by focusing more on the game as a whole and less on each card as an individual card.

Bowler: While I don’t think bowler is a viable card still, this buff will make him an interesting replacement for magic archer in some decks. Excited to try him out

Spells/Miner: This one has felt long overdue. I’m sure many will complain about the holy miner being changed, but we all (most of us atleast) can agree that playing miner/cycle or spell/cycle is simply not fun. This change feels less about how each card interacts and more about making the game what it should be: enjoyable for all.

Log: the only main difference here is defensive. If opponent has a princess at the bridge, and the also gob barrel, a single log won’t counter at the tower and over the bridge. Makes sense to me.

Recruits: they one hit spear goblins. About damn time.

Delivery: I refuse to use delivery, I have it level 2 on accident. Skipping as I feel like this card didn’t need to be added in the first place as it takes away from arrows and/or barb barrel.

I am surprised we didn’t see any changes to healer or heal spirit, as they tend to be complained about a lot on this sub. I can’t personally say I think they need major reworks, but we should get stats on heal spirit?? And I do think healer’s passive healing could be nerfed a little or removed completely.

What are your thoughts? are these changes what the game needs or will these promote a worse meta in the end?

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