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Balance Change Predictions

Soul Crusher

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  • Heal Spirit
    • HP Nerf
      • Can't reach towers solo anymore. Now dies to small spells instantly.
  • Knight
    • Hit speed nerf
      • Evidence of it in the past of it being bad with lower HP, so now it is just worse at killing tanks.
  • Royal Delivery
    • Another damage nerf (on initial deploy)
      • Takes one more swing to kill enemies.
  • Earthquake
    • Hit speed slowdown is back but not as strong
      • Card tanked after it was removed, would be tolerable in-between.
  • Tombstone
    • HP Buff
      • Doesn't die to Earthquake on initial deployment. You now need to wait like 5 seconds if you want to kill the skeletons that spawn afterward.

Changes I don't think will happen but should:

  • Witch
    • Skeleton spawns are staggered
      • Harder to spell predict.
  • Royal Recruits
    • Small HP buff
      • Survives one more princess tower shot (allows another swing on tower when ignored). Also affects Royal Delivery.
  • Barbarian Barrel
    • Increased deploy delay
      • Makes it easier to catch and defend. Also one less swing on tower.
  • Bats
    • Spawns in a tighter circle
      • Makes it harder to surround a card and easier for splash troops to hit.
  • Graveyard
    • Greater first swing delay
      • Now fully countered by poison.
    • Spawn no longer random
      • Always does same amount of damage on tower.

My monthly rework:


  • Elixir cost to four
    • As an alternative to Musketeer and Magic Archer, it makes sense that it should be the same elixir cost as the alternatives.
  • Damage and hit speed nerf (still one shots minions).
    • Adjusted so it does not outperform cards like Baby Dragon/Skeleton Dragons.
  • Health nerfed to magic archer level.
    • Splash cards are scary when you can't kill them, so being able to die to some small spell combos and large spells is crucial.

Tell me what you would change, I want to know!

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