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[EFFORT] Languishing and forgotten features that Supercell can easily improve.

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The first post got removed since "it wasnt nice enough". I made it nicer smh.

Supercell has a bad habit of adding fun new features, and then doing next to nothing to KEEP them fun and exciting. This has left parts of the game boring or downright useless. I love new stuff as much as the next guy, but it would be great if the existing stuff could be improved as well.


Classic and grand challenges: These were added years ago and NOTHING has been changed since. They were fun for a while, but quickly got boring since it was the same thing every time. The addition of a free entry ticket could make these once again exciting, and rewarding. It irks me that there is a whole section of the game that hardly ever sees play but still takes up space.

Tournaments: Remember these? I don’t. Again, as with challenges, they were fun, but have been nerfed a dozen times since the release, making them a useless snoozefest. Another part of the game that is useless and forgotten, without Supercell ever making any attempt to improve it.

Training camp: A feature unchanged for over four years. It is difficult to find a feature in any videogame that goes unchanged for four years. Training camp has been terrible since launch and there has never been any attempt to make it more fun or helpful.

Star levels: These were so fun see in when they released, but it seems as if Supercell has forgot about them. Remember when they said they were going to add new star levels?? I guess Supercell doesn’t remember. I have been waiting for a sparky tier two forever, but I guess I’ll just give up.

The shop: It has seen minor changes over the years but is still extremely lackluster, especially nowadays. Since I, and many others, have a high percentage of maxed cards, the shop is worthless 90% of the time. If it’s not cards I am unable to buy, its shitty gem deals. Let us buy more stuff with gold like maybe chests or boosts.

Trade tokens: This is another thing that was fun for a while but then died off without any help (see the trend?) In my clan people have stopped using them since everyone needs the new cards, and has maxed the old cards. Let us trade for something other than cards. Let us sell the tokens. Let us do something with them.

Seasons and cosmetics: There have been over a year of seasons, and we haven’t got to see a single new cosmetic change that comes along with them. It’s just tower skin and an emote. Every time. No more and no less. You would think that with over a fucking year and millions of dollars of revenue, Supercell could pay for troop skins or bridge skins, or anything that makes the pass royale more exciting.

Tiers and trophy road: The tiers and trophy road were introduced, nerfed, and then forgotten. Maybe add new stuff to the tiers and trophy road? Maybe make the progression different and enjoyable for once. It is boring to get the same rewards over and over again. On top of this, the majority of people never even get to see anything below 4000 trophies ever again. Why is all that useless stuff even taking up space on my phone? Maybe reset the arenas at 4K so I get to see a different arena other than legendary.

Badges and the profile: Badges were so dope when they were released. I get to see all the cool stuff I have accomplished!! Supercell can’t even be bothered to add a year four badge now. Need I say more? Also, the profile hasn’t been changed or updated once. No new stats. No cosmetic choices. No nothing.

Rushes”: Gem rush was really fun and cool. Once. Now supercell doesn’t even talk about it. Gold rush is played out. Crown rush is useless at the end of the season. Maybe add a new rush like a “chest rush” or something. Maybe try adding ANYTHING.

Season challenges: Useless since day one with no attempt of improvement. Wtf. Annoying and clunky, but could be fun with some effort or creativity. Supercell apparently lacks both.

The chest challenges: A cool new way to get free chests back in the day. There have been NO improvements to it in over a year. Maybe add emotes to the rotation. Maybe add stacks of gold. Maybe decrease the legendary chests value. Maybe try to improve the game.

Clan wars: “BuT ItS GeTtINg aN UpDAte” ya after over two effing years of the same exact thing. One of the biggest aspects to clash took TWO YEARS to ever get updated. If this big of a feature is forgotten about for such a long time, I’ll be waiting decades for improvements on the other smaller features I was talking about.


TLDR: There are a ton of features with amazing potential, they just need a revamp. I hate that there is wasted space in this game, and I hate that I can so easily think of so many examples of it.

Let me know if you think of any other aspects of the game that Supercell has forgotten about. Maybe we can help remind them.

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