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Why are there so many level 13 maxed players stuck in 5k?

Soul Crusher

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Hello everyone, I stopped playing CR last year or so, and returned these days out of boredom. I have only one level 13 card and all the rest are 12/11, my king being 12. Now, thing is, I came back and won 25 or so matches in a row until 5.2k, where I started meeting fully maxed out level 13 players, who weren’t particularly good, although some beat me skill-wise, but neccessarily in some occassions won because of the mere strength in their cards. My question is, how are these people stuck in 5k having the BEST POSSIBLE decks for use and at their max level? I’m not gonna lie, I’m starting to get pissed off, being unable to stop a level 13 MK + Witch or RG who delivers a 400dmg free hit regardless of what I do is frustrating as hell. It’s gotten to the point where in some cases, regardless of how hard I outplay them and how big an elixir lead I get, they just spam high cost cards and win based solely on raw damage.

TL;DR: bad level 13 maxed players piss me off and I can’t do shit to counter their trillion raw damage, while I gotta sit down chipping away damage once at a time.

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