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Sadly, I think I'm done.

Soul Crusher

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I want to start this off by saying this is not in any way a complaint post. I've played CR since global launch, Defended it many times from people who say its dead, and even kept playing after all my friends left it. But this season I honestly finally lost interest in it all. The only challenge I played was the one to get the emote, I haven't finished a single quest, i didnt even bother with the tourney or even the 20 win challenge, my pass royale is sitting at tier 12 and after I logged on 20 minutes ago I realized I haven't played a single ladder match all month long. I'm not going to start spouting "this game is dead!" stuff cause I don't believe that it is, but i think it has finally lost me. I can pick up a game like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars and have a different experience everytime, but with Royale it's just same old stuff daily. For now, I wont be buying the pass next month until I see where the game goes and I'll stay optimistic about this update. But if it turns into a bust I'll probably stop playing altogether. Here's hoping for the best come August, maybe I can get hyped back into playing again.

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