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Clash royale version number guess for new[August] update and a short discussion

Soul Crusher

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Hi currently Clash Royale is on version 3.2.4 and with the Major [August] update being released fairly soon This had made me believe the next update version number will be Clash Royale 4.0(this isn't confirmed). I believe this as the August 2020 update seems to change some fundamentals to the games philosophy and design and how we play the game, along with the game now almost being 4 1/2 years old from global release. I am prepared to face the new changes in Clan Wars 2.0 and can't wait for wait clash royale has to offer in the future.

I know this update drought may cause some players to fell stale about CR but I am sure that the upcoming update will allow for the game to have a stable foundation for the future of the games lifespan, to bring new content in the future for many years to come.

P.s i hope the dev team will have a well rested relaxing break from working on this update after its release. I am sure its well deserved and I want to thank the devs for taking some time off their summer to allow for the upcoming update to be released to the players in August during the peak of summer.


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