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A friendly appeal to quit the game if you are in mid ladder while you are still sane

Soul Crusher

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If you are a normal player like me stuck in the depths of 5.2k - 5.5k range for eternity KT 12 and 12 deck with maybe only 1 card max. Usually rule of the thumb is to start climbing near the end of season but this is absolutely not true anymore. There's so many people who enjoy to sit at this range and abuse, yes abuse mentally their foes. I've already posted similar comments before but I'll say once again, let's see these so called "pro esports" players play at mid ladder for once. I'd like to see how they will handle the absurdity of facing maxed out 15+ cards most people play at this range constantly regardless of stage of season, these garbage players don't ever climb higher, their entire purpose of playing is to get that thrill of steamrolling lower levelled players.

Before I end this rant, if you are in same boat as me ask yourself if this game is still worth playing. I would never recommend someone new to start playing this because it is simply impossible and I'm someone who's been playing for almost 3 years I have only zap maxed so how long would it take a beginner to reach this, 6 years, more? Also, people on this sub usually shut down all arguments made against most used cards because they look at statistics and say things like "X and Z card is rarely used at 6k+". The game doesn't revolve around 6k+, there's more of us stuck lower and stats you copied from some website don't mean shit. Someone should reverse engineer this game to confirm once and for all that mid ladder is most difficult stage of this game.

With this being said, I don't even know why I bothered to write this as these kind of threads are frowned upon around here but all I'm gonna say is quit while you still can and never look back, it's just not worth your time and nerves, regards.

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