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Attendance In Clash Royale?

Soul Crusher

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Not sure why has nobody has suggested this but an attendance reward scheme should be implemented into the game in replacement for the daily gift in the shop.

What I envision it to be like:

Monday: X amount of Gold (say 200)

Tuesday: Sliver Chest

Wednesday: X amount of XP/Star Points (say 100)

Thursday: X amount of common/rare (say 100c/25r)

Friday: Gold Chest

Saturday: X amount of Gems (say 10)

Sunday: 1 Epic Card [Epic Sunday]


Bonus rewards are basically rewards you get for logging in daily. You only get it if you hit it the amount of days

Logged in for at least:

10 Days: Lightning Chest

20 Days: Giant Chest

30 Days: Magical Chest

[Rewards are just for show, it is not to be taken seriously]

I get there are daily rewards for quests, but this feature is for the Shop & it applies for the entire game, not just quests.

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