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[Strategy] Royal Ghost: Use, synergy, countering, and relative card breakdown

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(Pre post note! Throughout the post, I will mention how to utilize/defend a Ghost that is able to cross over the river. At the time this comes out, he will not be able to do this. He will able to following CWII update, and I don’t feel like adding new stuff to the post after the update, so for strategy sake, let’s pretend that he can for the moment!)

Hello everyone! It’s HR here today with the Royal Ghost! The Royal Ghost is a rather unique 3 elixir legendary with the ability to become in invisible to every other unit in the game. He is able to deal with exactly equal level log weak enemies in one hit and even has splash damage, making him a great assassin. Because of his floating over the river and his invisibility, I would say he is a medium to high skill cap legendary, but not very high skill.


lvl 9

  • Elixir: 3

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Arena: Spooky Town

  • Damage: 216

  • Hit points: 1000

  • Hitspeed: 1.8 sec

  • DPS: 120

  • Targets: Ground

  • Range: Melee

  • Speed: Fast

  • Mass: 3

  • Invisibility Delay: 1.6 sec


  • Tanks/Mini tanks: The Royal Ghost is completely invisible to all units until it completes it’s first attack. This means that if any unit walks in range of the tower without the RG attacking and becoming visible, he will be able to be tanked for until that unit is dead. Pair him both offensively and defensively with a tank and he will get some good value.

Various effective decks this card is featured in:

  • 3M bait, Modern FB bait: Although the Royal Ghost isn’t the best when it comes to fireball bait seeing as it has 1000 damage and fireball isn’t a great option to kill it, it has good synergy with tank like cards such as the Ice Golem in this deck and as an added bonus, it helps keep pressure which modern bait decks require.

  • Bridgespam: As mentioned, he is good at keeping up pressure. Bridge spam is a deck solely based on keeping enough pressure and punishing your opponent for using higher cost units. He fits well as a pressure card along with the Battle Ram, since it can tank, and the Ghost can kill ground swarms and sneak past air swarms.

How to use:

The Royal Ghost is a 3 elixir card that is able to become invisible to his enemies and float across the river. Now that he has the ability to cross over the river, he can have more skilled and useful interactions that can affect the match.

All enemies that are weak to the Log will die to one equal level Ghost hit. This not only makes him useful as a splasher against ground swarms, but very reliable as an assassin against the princess, the Dart Goblin, and, with aid of some decent 1000 health, even the Magic Archer, Bomber and cards with similar health to the Musketeer.

Under most scenarios’s its useful to have something tank for the Ghost, however if you are looking to kill some of those enemies they probably are used on defense against your push/pressure attack and you want to stop them from doing such. The Magic Archer is a different scenario because if you are trying to kill him from right over the river, chances are he’s chipping away your tower. Because of this, carry a Zap so that the Magic Archer can successfully re target onto the Ghost and you can stop the damage.

On offense, he has the health of a Miner, more damage pre second, and has his invisibility, so he can definitely be a threat to the tower if not properly dealt with. Also, he deals splash damage which is good against ground swarms that are attempting to stop a push, and since he is invisible it is almost guaranteed that he will be tanked for.

Use/Win Rates: thoughts on how popular Royal Ghost is in the current meta game.

Royal Ghost has a 5% use and a 46% win rate. So below average, but certainly not in the worst spot it could be in. We already know that he will be receiving a buff to cross the river without needing the bridge, so that makes it more likely choice in some other decks, mainly offensively oriented. But do you think that this would make it a bit to powerful, and need something to balance it out? Or is it in just the right place to have a such buff?

What are your thoughts about Royal Ghost in the current meta?


The Royal Ghost is a 3 elixir Minitank such as the Miner or the Knight. It has some similar weaknesses. Using a tank killer such as Mini-Pekka will ensure that it falls.

You can also use a Mini-Tank such as a knight to block it and take it out with tower damage health.

It doesn’t attack air, so you can use air troops to take it out AFTER the Ghost is locked on a ground unit. Otherwise it will sneak under them and not be seen.

If the opponent tries to float it over the river for a sneaky assassination of a princess or other ranged unit, you can block it with really any unit, and it will be foiled, assuming the defensive cards are able to see it.


The Royal Ghost is a 3 elixir legendary card with the ability to go invisible and strike your opponents with a scary surprise! Though he has some damage and is somewhat tanky, he shines as an assassin to take down other units quickly and effectively without being seen or attacked.

As always, if you liked this single card breakdown post, feel free to comment down below other cards, and I’ll be happy to add it to the list! Thank you for reading!


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