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Make Elite Barbarians Great Again! (Rework Ideal)

Soul Crusher

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Remove one of the barbs, make it so that the remaining barbarian now duel wields. So now the elite barb's hit mechanic is similar to ewiz. This allows for it to still kinda takes out goblin gang and still deal the same damage while being less spell value for opponents. In addition make it 4 or 5 elixir with reduction in damage but still enough to kill same lv gobs with one hit. The melee range of the elite barb will be long range now and my reason for this is to give it a purpose in the game as right now it doesn't serve one. With long melee range it can now act as a melee support as it can stay behind a tank and take out swarmies lile gobs and guards. Due to this the mobement speed of elite barbs should be slowed to either fast or medium. Health should be fine as it is but maybe a bit higher so that it is not a firebally (a card that baits fireball) as it should be a mini-tank.

Tell me what you think of this idea for a rework to elite barbs.

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