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Hi guys! These are my ideas for a balance change for season 14. This is my 1st time making balances.

  1. Barbarian hut nerf: I don't think this needs much explanation. No matter what deck you play, facing barbarian hut ruins the fun and promotes campy gameplay. A suggestion I saw is a longer deploy time to the card, which i agree on; it means it can't just insta spawn two barbs. If the card still dominates, something else could be touched.
  2. Night witch: From experience playing and facing NW, she isn't too bad to face while she's defending, but on offense, night witch is incredibly obnoxious. I think the problem with the last nerf was that they didn't change the 4 death bats. My idea is to revert to the pre-nerf night witch stats but give her 3 death bats, or 2 death bats and buffed damage, so she can limit the hog rider to one hit. This will make her a better defensive damager, and less of an offensive pain.
  3. witch: ah yes, the witch. My goal with this balance isn't to make her meta meta, but to have her in a decent spot and not just a midladder pain. I liked the idea of the old style witch, but it was too OP. My idea is to make her more witch and less skeletons, so give her the DPS to *just* deny a lone balloon (93 damage, old 0.7 hit speed), faster initial spawn speed, 3 skeleton spawn (no death spawn), and fireball+zap still killing her at equal levels. If witch becomes another top tier, these stats can be tweaked. Because standardization, both witches will have the same initial spawn speed and subsequent spawn speed.
  4. Bats. Bats have super high use and win rates. Tying in with my night witch change, I'd like to make their range melee short.
  5. Cannon cart: This card's super fun to play, but it just feels outclassed almost every time you play it- want a heavy counterpusher? You can use prince. Musketeer deals identical damage, hits air, and is cheaper. Unless you absolutely hate siege decks, why use this card? However, cart can also be really annoying because as a ranged and fast unit, it can be "spammy". My rework is to make him a mobile building with medium speed, with the same elixir cost. Now, cart is stronger on defense and less of a "stop spamming" card, though still a threat, on offense.
  6. Knight nerf: 7d GC stats show a 30% use rate. Either give him a trim of the mustache or buff an alternative like dark prince; I prefer the former.
  7. heal spirit nerf: trim radius and/or healing. Also, standardize health with the ice spirit.
  8. Mega minion buff: Not too sure on this, but his use rates seem to be dropping, while musketeer's use rates are 25% for 7d GCs, and electro wizard comes in at 18th. Rather than nerfing musketeer, buffing an alternative might add some diversity.

This is my first time making changes, so if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm new to this and be civil. I prefer constructive criticism to flat out toxicity. Have a good day, stay safe, and get ready for the update!

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