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A lot of users on this sub complain more than actually playing the game.

Soul Crusher

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All I see when I scroll through this sub is (aside from memes) just complaints about the meta, nerf this card, buff that card, it’s really stupid. They say shit like, “look at all these brain dead, no skill golem players”, and “I hate this card because of {>insert shitty reason<}”. Any card in the game is good if you have skill. The only reason you’re losing is because you’re not good enough. The only answer to that is to get good, not take pity on your privileged self while the devs flock to you to solve your problems for you. I don’t get why people even complain about no-skill players. If they have no skill, you should beat them, right? Oh, it’s probably because you lost to them. I’m no Einstein, but I’m pretty sure if you lose to a no-skill player, you suck even more. No needs to be complaining unless you’re playing with God-Tier skills and still losing.

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