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[EFFORT POST] Fixing the Problematic and Inconsistent Cards of Clash Royale V3 (Take my opinions with a grain of salt!)

Soul Crusher

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Sorry for the repost everyone! I had to delete the original post and fix some issues I noticed. And, it was Meme Monday yesterday so I did not want this post to possibly not get proper recognition. I hope you can forgive me. Anyways, Let’s get to it then!


Hello Everyone, JC here. I just want to give my thoughts on Cards that still need Balancing/Fixing before the Big August Update. This won’t be as Detailed as my last version of this post, but I’ll still go over some Problematic/Inconsistent Cards and explain why I fixed them they way I did. There will be a “New Cards” and a “Old Cards” section to organize the Cards I have and have not delt with before. So, let’s get to it, shall we?


~Elixir Golem~

~Change(s)~: Delete Elixir Blobs, Change the Elixir to be Given in a different order: 2 Elixir When the Elixir Golem is defeated/Splits, and 1 per Elixir Golemite when they are defeated, Make Movement Speed Constantly at Slow for both Forms. Followed By: Buff Damage to 440/220 (from 211/105), Nerf Hitspeed to 2.5 Seconds (from 1.3), Rework First Attack Speed to match Golem/Golemites, Buff HP to 1928/964 (From 1196/598)

~Explanation~: A lot of you may think this is the craziest change in the history of the Game, and you have a reason to think so. But this Card is so fundamental broken In so many ways, it needs a massive change like this. This post here properly explains the major issues with Elixir Golem and how it’s basically WAYYY to reliant on other Cards to be good by itself. Highly recommend checking out his content.

So, how do we fix this issue? Simply; Rework him not need other Cards to make him strong. The massive Damage and HP Buffs make him much more reliable at dealing Damage to Towers, while the Hitspeed Nerf makes his DPS only a little higher than before. And the changed patter on when the opponent gets Elixir will help the defending Player get Elixir back more consistently; thus allowing them to have a stronger counterpush. This change definitely might need some rebalancing before it would go live, but I think this is what it would take to make this gloopy Titan go back to his former glory; without the help of other Cards!

~Battle Healer~:

~Change(s)~: Option 1 (Preferred): Buff HP to 1432 (from 1425), Buff Damage to 140 (from 123), Nerf Active Healing to 70 per hit (from 84), Remove Passive Healing, Add the Hover mechanic (it’s going to happen anyways), and Give a “Death Heal” of 303. Option 2: DeLeTe It FrOm ThE gAmE Remove Passive Healing, Add Hover Mechanic, and see what happens

~Explanation~: And speaking of Elixir Golem, we could not mention him without NOT mentioning his right hand woman: the Battle Healer. Since the introduction of Battle Healer, she has definitely sparked controversy in the community: She survives for way to long and makes pushes unstoppable, yet she is weak on her own. Yes, she did get an sizable HP nerf to help with this issue, but the Passive Healing and how much she heals is still too much sometimes in big pushes.

Like Elixir Golem, we have to Rework her to be able to be used on her own without needing to be in a big push to be strong. The Damage Buff and Hover mechanic allows her to be much more of a threat on her own and the Death Heal will allow her some added versatility on offense if she is not attacking anything. To compensate, the removal of Passive Healing and the slight Active Healing Nerf makes her less reliable on surviving and supporting a big push. While she may need rebalancing as well, I believe this will also help her become a balanced and fun Card to use. Or we could just delete her from the game because she changes WAYYYYY to many interactions to be considered in the game unless she heals way less (often).


~Change(s)~: Nerf First Attack to 0.3 Seconds (From Instant) and/or Nerf HP to 1232 (from 1330), Nerf Hitspeed to 0.4 Seconds (from 0.25 Seconds), Nerf Lifetime to 35 Seconds (from 40 Seconds), Buff Damage to 67 (from 26)

~Explanation~: I said it before and I’ll say it again: X-Bow is a problematic Card and one of the most frustrating Cards to face in the game! With how it instantly locks onto its Targets even after they die, it’s basically a game over once one Locks on. And since it has a long lifetime, you can stack multiple at a time, making it even harder to stop. Along with not being consistent with most Cards that one shot Skeletons, this Card is just funky to deal with.

My Rework here makes it much more likely to lock on than before and get some gold damage, but less likely to decimate a tower in one go. The Damage Buff allows it to take out Skeletons in one hit and is a sizable DPS increase to make up for lower defenses and survivability of this Building. know that people might not like this change, but think this will be best to make this frustrating Card a little less annoying to deal with.


~Change(s)~: Add a 0.5 Second Spawn Delay (like Lumberjack’s Death Rage), Buff Elixir Cost to 3 Elixir (from 4 Elixir), Buff Damage to 111/140 (from 95, with Crown Tower Damage at 35%), Nerf Freeze Duration to 1 Second (from 4 Seconds), Make the rest of the Duration Slowness at 2 Seconds

~Explanation~: Since it is now Summer, it only makes sense to want to chill off with a Freeze Spell. But, I think we should take a look at Freeze before we chill with it. Freeze is a problematic Card not because it’s busted (it really isn’t all that good), but is problematic since 1) It allows lower skill Players to beat higher skill Players , and 2) It is relying WAY to much on the surprise factor to get value from it. Both of these issues at bad for the Game and should be fixed.

What My Rework does is not only make it have a higher skill cap (slight Deploy Time), to make it less likely for lower skill players to beat higher skilled ones, but it also makes the Card less reliant on the surprise factor to get its value. The added utility of the cheaper Elixir Cost, More Damage, and 2 second Slowness (that affects Troops/Buildings after the initial Freeze) allows it to actually be a Card that can be used more than just once to get value. However, this change does make it less likely to “instantly win” with a perfectly timed Freeze, which I think is a fair trade off for a much more utilized Stat distribution.


~Heal Spirit~:

~Change(s)~: Option 1 (Preferred): Nerf HP Healed to 303 (from 366). Option 2: DeLeTe It FrOm ThE gAmE

~Explanation~: For being the first Card in the history of the game to replace a different Card, Supercell did an overall great job at re-creating something to be unique and fun to play with. However, along with the issues of Healing in a game like Clash Royale, this jolly Spirit just has too much value for a 1 Elixir Card. Having the same damage interactions as his frosty cousin WHILE healing up your push for 1 Elixir is a lot of value.

We can’t really change any other Stat of the Heal Spirit because it would ruin interactions that are important for it and also ruin the consistency between his chilled counterpart (and their fiery friend is not off the hook either). The HP healed Nerf makes things more consistent; Heal the exact amount of HP as Arrows, nothing more or nothing less. Most interactions remain the same, but it does slightly nerf the little guy into a more proper spot for 1 Elixir Cards. Or we could just delete it from the game to be consistent if we were to delete Battle Healer from the game for the Healing mechanic to be to complicated to deal with, but I think if we balance him right, he can stay.

~Royal Delivery~:

~Change(s)~: Make Royal Recruit Spawn at 0.5 Seconds (from Instant, like Barbarian Barrel’s spawn), Nerf Damage to 303 (from 364), Buff Spawn Delay to 2.5 Seconds (from 3.0 Seconds)

~Explanation~: What a turnaround for this Card! First it was almost as trash as Elite Barbarians, then it’s absolutely busted, to now being almost as strong as before! The Royal Delivery has definitely has had its spot In the spotlight for a while now, and use and win rates seems to be going back up instead of falling down (get it?). For being a “Medium” Spell that also spawns a defensive Troop instantly, it’s could use a little bit of a touch up.

My change makes the Royal Recruit spawn slightly slower so it won’t get as much initial value when used, but the Deploy Time buff makes it slightly better to use as a reactionary Card. And the Damage Nerf keeps it consistent with Arrows while not changing many interactions. A semi simple change for this semi simple Card.

~Skeleton Dragons~:

~Change(s)~: Nerf Hitspeed to 1.8 Seconds (from 1.7 Seconds). Increase Sight Range to 6.0 Tiles (from 5.5 Tiles, would apply to all 4 “Dragon” Cards)

~Explanation~: Oh look, the King’s Baby Dragon rested for a little too long in the Pekka’s Playhouse Volcano and it was burnt away except for its bone now... why are there 2 sets of each bone?! The lack of creativity aside, the Skeleton Dragons do exactly what Supercell has been trying to do for a while: Find a viable substitution to the Baby Dragon. And they did just that, but maybe they are a little too viable. The main issues with them is how 1) for being the same Elixir cost, they get a Massive DPS boost for only a slight overall HP nerf, and 2) Since they have a very short Sight Range (5.5 Tiles, like most short Ranged Cards with some exceptions that need to be fixed), it’s hard to distract them and then they get a lot of Damage off before dying.

My change not only makes their DPS slightly more balanced, but then Sight Range “buff” allows you to more likely distract them from not going to where the opponent wants them, but it also allows them possibly find and damage new Targets. This change would apply to all “Dragon” Cards; being Baby Dragon, Electro Dragon, Inferno Dragon, and Skeleton Dragons. For an overall solid Card, these small changes will make them a bit more balanced for the meta.



~Change(s)~: Option 1 (Preferred): Change it to a “Spirit” Card with the Exact same stats as Ice Spirit (190 HP, 91 Damage, Very Fast Movement Speed, 2.5 Tile Range, 1.5 Tile Splash Radius). It will spawn a “Rage Circle” with these stats: 4.0 Tile Radius from 5.0 Tiles, 6 Second Duration at ALL Levels of play from 7.5 Seconds at Tournament Standards, and the Rage Effect last for 2 Seconds after leaving the Radius. Option 2: Add a 0.5 Second Spawn Delay (like Lumberjack’s Death Rage), Nerf Radius to 4.0 Tiles (from 5.0 Tiles), Nerf Duration to 6.0 Seconds at ALL Levels of play (from 7.5 Seconds at Tournament Standards), and add 111/140 Damage on Impact (with Crown Tower Damage at 35%). Whatever change is picked, the changes to Rage would apply to Lumberjack’s Death Rage as well

~Explanation~: Look, for being a Card that is fundamentally Broken (Changing All Interactions at All Levels of play due to it getting stronger based on Duration) and Kinda pointless in a real battle, it’s shocking to me that it now has a very small niche in Beatdown Sparky Decks. However, even if it now has a niche from being useless, a Card like this should NOT be fundamentally broken and should be fixed to be more consistent or at the very least have change how it gets stronger. They did this with Freeze, why not do it again?

My first rework is not only what I prefer, but it’s also something that is slightly more likely to come into the game; based of Drew saying “We like the idea of changing Spells to Spirits, so who knows” when they first revealed Heal Spirit. This change simply makes it have more utility in more factors in Battle instead of just focusing on boosting your Cards, with the risk of not getting any value at all for it now being 1 Elixir. The other Rework is more similar to Tornado: It has less Damage than a “Normal” Small Spell, but the Effect makes up for it. I think this option is safer balance wise, but I really do like (and think it’s going to happen) the idea of a Rage Spirit too. What do you think would be better to fix this fundamentally broken yet weak Card?

~Fire Spirit(s)~:

~Change(s)~: Buff Elixir Cost to 1 Elixir (from 2 Elixir), Nerf Troop Count to 1 (from 3), Buff Range to 2.5 Tiles (from 2.0 Tiles), Buff HP to 190 (from 91), Buff Damage to 220 (from 178), Buff Splash Radius to 2.0 Tiles (from 1.5 Tiles)

~Explanation~: And speaking of Spirits, let’s talk about the OG Spirit Card! For being the first Spirit Card, they are kinda overshadowed by other Cards, especially their frosty, (maybe angry), and holy cousins. Part of this is due to joe for 1 less Elixir, you get overall more value out of 1 Elixir Spirits than Fire Spirits. I think you know where I’m going with this.

This change makes the Fire Spirits merge together to adapt to the new meta and become one Spirit to be like his cousins. This “new” Spirit will be more like his cousins: Same HP, Range, etc., but his “unique trait” is his bigger Splash Radius and his buffed Damage! This is basically a Log that hits Air for 1 Elixir but can die and is less likely to get any damage off compared to before. Some people may no like this change, especially with what that means for their home; the Furnace (we will talk about that), but this is best for the survival of the OG Spirit Card!


~Change(s)~: Change it to spawn only 1 Fire Spirit at a time (from 2 at a time), Buff HP to 964 (from 888), Nerf Lifetime to 40 Seconds (from 50 Seconds), Make the last wave a “Death Wave” (like Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut)

~Explanation~: The home of the Fire Spirits has had a rough history in the game: From being weak to strong to annoying to not just extremely niche, very weak, and Level dependent. Currently if the Furnace is 1 Level lower than your Crown Tower, no Fire Spirts will Jump on the Princess Tower (except for some inconsistent interactions at very low levels), making it lose one of its key roles in Decks: Chip Damage and pressuring Card use.

Along with the changes to Fire Spirits themselves, the new modifications to Furnace, with spawning less Spirits yet they deal overall the same total Damage, the sturdier wood (HP Buff), but frailer burner (Lifetime Nerf), Furnace will make interactions more consistent at lower levels and make it have more of a use instead of just Chip Damage. It also makes it more consistent with Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut (which seem to be problematic now, maybe I’ll make a post on Spawners and what to do with them? Tell me your thoughts on if you want that below!)


~Change(s): Buff Movement Speed to Fast (from Medium), Buff Range to 5.5 Tiles (from 5.0 Tiles), Nerf Hitspeed to 1.4 Seconds (from 1.2 Seconds), Nerf First Attack to 0.3 Seconds (from 0.1 Seconds), Buff Damage to 90 (from 89, Bug Fix)

~Explanation~: Out of all my changes, this is the one that’s the most “unnecessary” in the eyes of many, and I agree to an extent. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. However, to me, Archers just seem to be kinda redundant when we have all sorts of other versatile Ranged Attackers dominate the meta while Archers are only good in Siege. That’s not necessarily an issue, but I think they can be reworked to be a bit more versatile in more kinds of Decks, while also being a little more like their explosive sister Firecracker.

The Range and the Movement Speed buff allows them to target Troops/Buildings faster and move away faster, but the Hitspeed and First Attack Nerf makes them overall have less DPS. However, if they lock on to Troops/Buildings faster, their interactions remain mostly the same since they get the Damage lead beforehand. And the Damage Buff is honestly just a Bug Fix from what I see. They would now one shot Shieldless Guards. Overall, this change is not absolutely necessary, but it would diversify how you play this set of OG ladies in Clash world.


~Change(s)~: Rework Damage to be 70 Damage per Bullet with 4 Bullets (from 53 Damage per Bullet with 5 Bullets)

~Explanation~: And lastly, the Archers’ explosive sister: the Firecracker! Upon her release she was extremely frustrating to face with how much Damage she felt from afar while also being able to avoid Damage with her self Knockback. Now that her Knockback is not as strong, she has not been doing so hot. The damage you get for how likely she is to hit you now is not worth it. So instead of giving that Knockback back, I did something different.

This Damage Rework/Buff does 2 things: 1) Make her actually 1 Shot Skeletons/Bats when only 1 Bullet hits (which Supercell said they want all Troops to one shot Skeletons/Bats. They should it to be more strict and say “in one hit from a melee or ranged weapon”) them, and 2) Makes her more of a threat. The new Damage buff does allow her to take out some things like Executioner and Inferno Dragon in 1 less attack and overall deal more Damage to Crown Towers. This change might affect how she activates King Towers (since there are less Bullets, thus less chances for the Bullets to hit the King Tower), but it won’t be much. With this change, I think that Firecracker will be in a Perfect spot to be viable without being annoying!


So, what do you all think? Like my Card choices and what I did to make them better for the Game? Let me know down below. With the Big August Update coming soon (not August 3rd sadly, but soon), I think that along with the new changes coming, we are going to get Cards changed to fit the “modern” era of Clash Royale. I hope that this is the case. Clash on everyone!

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