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[Strategy] Ice Wizard: Use, synergy, countering, and relative card breakdown

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Hello, guys it’s H_R here, with the Ice Wizard. The Ice Wizard is a 3 elixir splash unit with the ability to make the enemy troops very frosty and slow them all down. As a decent defensive card and a classic option to control decks, the Ice Wizard is definitely a card you would like to either know how to use, or know how to counter. If you liked this single card breakdown, comment down below other cards you would like to see.


lvl 9

  • Elixir: 3

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Arena: Frozen Peak

  • Damage: 75

  • Hit points: 590

  • Hitspeed: 1.7

  • DPS: 44

  • Targets: Air&Ground

  • Range: 5.5

  • Speed: Medium

  • Mass: 5

  • Slow down amount: 35%

  • Slow down duration: 2.5 sec


  • Tornado: Somewhat weaker since the tornadoes rework, but still effective. The tornado groups up entire pushes full of support troops, allowing the Ice Wizard to slow down and assist in taking the push out.

  • Buildings: The Ice Wizard can slow down building targeting troops and make the track to their destination seem as far as possible. You can place a building down for extra damage and further kite the push, making it go even slower overall.

  • Tank killers: (especially single hit cards, such as PEKKA) The Ice Wizard has a weakness that he has low damage, although it’s splash damage, you may want something that packs a better punch to take out more beefy units such as a Golem.

Various effective decks this card is featured in:

  • Splash Yard: Ah, yes. My new favorite deck. Splash yard is a very effective meta deck which uses multiple splash troops paired with the tornado to make a solid defense while the counter attack uses a tank and the Graveyard to quickly deal tons of damage.

  • Ice Bow Yeah, you knew I had to mention it. Ice Bow is a X-bow deck which uses a heavy defense with the the X-bow to take the tower close enough to rocket for the win. Again, the Ice Wizard is used as the star of the defense, slowing down the push and shutting it down.

How to use:

The Ice Wizard is a 3 elixir cost legendary that has the unique ability to slow down troops. Because he doesn’t have much Ralph or DPS, the slow effect is what you will be mainly using him for and it will often be on defense.

Although he really isn’t able to kill many troops, even light swarms, effectively enough to do so with no tower help, his ability to slow down a push and allow your units to take it out at a faster speed than it can move makes him one of the best cards against even tanks.

When you are using him, he will often have to be in the back behind units or at the very least far away from them, since he’s also quite fragile as well as packing a soft punch.

Also, you should play him first, but play other units quickly after. This will allow the Ice Wizard to stay on the board and get as much value as possible.

With that being said, keep him away from other units and the tower, to avoid easy spell value for a positive elixir trade, in the long run anyways.

When tanked for, he can also be somewhat effective in a counter attack as well. He can lower the DPS of certain units and can act as a sort of offensive splasher against swarms. He is very light though, so it’s doubtful that he will be fully successful, alone or in a group, offensively.

Use/Win Rates: thoughts on how popular is in the current meta game.

9% use rate and a 46% win rate. Right at a balanced amount. He is a rather defensive card, however, so should Ice Wizard be changed to be less of a slow-down card, so that he can be a better contribution to the meta?

What are your thoughts about Ice Wizard in the current meta?


The Ice Wizard is a rather weak troop: He will die to fireball + Zap or poison, as well as units that are able to take care of these weaker troops effectively.

He can also have his attacks absorbed by a stronger unit so so that the tower can take it out. An Ice Golem, a knight, and an Ice Spirit can do this for a positive or neutral elixir trade.

Don’t put a troop that you want to attack the Ice Wizard or other cards near it away from the Ice Wizard. He will just slow the unit down and make it harder for your troop to hit the threat.


The Ice Wizard is a 3 elixir Legendary card with the ability to slow down your opponent’s cards making them an easier take down. Although weak to spells and Mini

As always, if you liked this single card breakdown post, feel free to comment down below other cards, and I’ll be happy to add it to the list! Thank you for reading!


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