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Anyone got some cool CR Facts/Tricks/Theories/Strategies? I've got some.

Soul Crusher

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(Sorry if you have already read these before)

Feel free to share it here. It will be fun to hear those.

Well, I have some. Did you know that an X-Bow can connect to the tower if it is being defended by an Elixir Golem. When the Elixir Golem dies, the X-Bow will connect to the tower and not the golemites. Fun, right?

Also, a jumping hog rider is a semi-air unit. A Jumping Hog Rider or Ram Rider cannot be targetted by an X-Bow. In fact, a jumping Hog Rider can be pushed towards a building using Bats.

Did you know that the Builder's Workshop Arena is actually a rebuilt Training Camp. Certain similarities are visible in them.

Also, there is a theory that the Arena is HOLLOW!! That's the reason Miner digs faster than he walks. Thats how witch and graveyard spawn Skeletons.

Got some? Share them here!

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