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Gold/Gem Donations With Other Players

Soul Crusher

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I was thinking about a feature where players could donate gold or gems to other players. Sometimes, after a good game with somebody, I want to be able to do more than just say good game, well played, or good luck. With this new feature, you could reward your opponent for a close match with some gold or gems. Clans could also host tournaments where the winner gets a reward from each clan member. You could also do loans with other players in you clan if there's a deal in the shop you can't afford at the moment. If you can't pay them back maybe you get demoted or kicked. Also, I know that a lot of maxed players have gold or gems that they don't really need for anything and just hold onto. These players could host tournaments and give some kind of reward to the top players kind of like with the exclusive birthday emotes. This is just my idea but if anyone wants to add on please let me know because I think this would be a pretty cool feature.

Edit: To prevent players with side accounts from exploiting this, players can only donate up to 10k gold and 30 gems a month to the same player

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