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Not everybody can make GOOD original deck

Soul Crusher

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Are you using your own original deck? Are you despising every player who beat you with a meta deck? Welcome, take a seat.

Before using 2.6 Hog cycle, I was like you. I was using my own original deck, 100 % creative, "la crème de la crème". My deck was something like that : Hog rider, Musky, Witch (or Wizard if I wanted to), Rage, Freeze, Tombstone, MK and Skarmy. In my past opinion, that deck was foolproof :

- Hog rider goes to tower and does damage (sometimes, I would use a big tank like RG or Golem for the lulz)

- Musky targets air and does good damage

- Witch (Wizard) kills from distance swarm units, target air units, spawns skeletons that stop enemy's units and, above all, protect my building targeter!

- Rage helps me kill faster

- Freeze kills swarm unit and helps my Hog push

- Tombstone counters enemy MK or big tank

- MK was OP

- and Skarmy was my best swiss knife.

I loved Skarmy so much :

- enemy plays a big tank? skarmy

- enemy plays a hog? skarmy

- enemy plays gobelin barrel? skarmy at my tower

- enemy plays a baby dragon? skarmy to kite

I couldn't imagine any player using other units that those ones. It was just perfect, the best combination, with an answer to every situation.

The fact is that if you let the average player creates a deck, he will always use the easiest units to play :

Hog, Valkyrie, Wizard/Witch, MK, a swarm unit (Skarmy, Minion horde, Gobelin gang), Mini PK, a big Tank, building (Inferno tower is a must against other big tank) and maybe one spell.

Cycle deck? What is cycle deck? They don't think any 1 or 2 elixirs units can make a difference. Why use skeletons when you have skarmy, right? Why use minions when minion horde exists? Why use Musky when Wizard do the same thing while burning swarms? Why use Knight when Valkyrie do the same but against swarms?

Log bait? What the hell is log bait? Ha, that little annoying deck with a Gobelin barrel, that I counter with my Wizard or Zap?

GY deck? Just use my Wizard to counter, lol.

E. Barbarians + rage? Wow, so OP! I will try this next time lol.

If you are an average player with an average deck building mindset, you will be using most of the units I quoted earlier. Better than this, they will be maxed, and you will be at 5500 trophies most of the time. Congratulations, you are now a mid ladder player and your original deck is as original as a drop of water in the ocean.

Not everybody can make GOOD original deck, because not everybody has the needed experience to think outside of the box. That's the reason why most of players who want to progress use a meta deck and practice. And when their understanding of the game and of the meta reaches a reasonable level, they can create a real GOOD original deck.

Not before.

Don't blame a meta deck user. Blame your inability to shift the meta with you so-called original deck, that is midladder worthy.

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