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Level 1 ladder pushing journey and RANT

Soul Crusher

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On my level 1 account I just reached 4859 trophies. I’m still far from the record but it’s been very interesting of a journey to say the least.

There’s a few things I want to say about it so far.

Shoutout to the guy I last battled who took one of my towers then allowed me to 3 crown him. We never expect you to be easy on us or let us win. We have to earn our way up the ladder like everybody else so if you do battle a level 1 don’t go easy on them.

That brings me to my next point. BAD MANNERS! Too many of you out there seem to be either blind to the fact that our king tower has a big level 1 on it as opposed to your king tower with a big level 10, 11, or 12. Our princesses only have 1400 health as opposed to yours having nearly double that. That’s about 2 hits from a balloon to destroy. The people I’m talking about have the nerve to BM despite being a level 1 which leads me to believe they’re blind or just plain ignorant.

The game is great, I’m looking forward to the new updates, and continuing to push ladder when I can. But when you come across a level 1 don’t go easy on him but don’t spam BM emotes like a child when you’re winning.

Happy clashing!

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