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Rascals and midladder

Soul Crusher

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Welcome to my ted talk.

This sub has always been filled with underleveled players struggling in mid ladder. I don’t wanna create something that most people won’t read so I’ll get right to the point.

Rascals are very good for mid ladder

Rascals is a card that’s hard to fit into many top ladder players decks. There aren’t many situations where rascals would be more useful than say, an e-wiz. However, midladder has to deal with many cards that aren’t seen much on top ladder. Rascals are an effective counter to cards such as mega knight, PEKKA, elite barbarians, witch, and minion hoard. Even if underleveled, rascals can provide your deck with both the role of a tank and air defense. Think of the card as sort of a goblin gang kind of deal. You are essentially getting a knight and archers for 5 elixir.

I honestly used to think rascals were the best card in the game. I was able to reach 6000 trophies as a level 11 with level 12 cards using rascals balloon. They were a one card counter to so many problems in mid ladder.

Thanks for reading,


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