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Idea: spells can't take a tower's last hit point

Soul Crusher

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Okay so this is not a suggestion for an actual implementation, I'm just trying to have a discussion about what if...

What if all spells were nerfed so that they still deal their usual damage to towers, but they can only decrease their HP to 1. They can't destroy them. Only troops and siege buildings can finish the job.

I can see two favorable consequences:

  • It would make the end of matches way more interesting. Right now, if your tower HP are within the range of your opponent's biggest spell, there is no point to keep fighting. With this change, there is a real incentive to never give up because you just haven't lost yet.
  • Rocket cycle still somehow works, but they'll have to come and deserve that last HP. The deck would be nerfed for sure though.

Unfavorable consequences:

  • Huge buff for the Miner, since it's the hardest troop to prevent from hitting the tower at all. Unless the Miner is also hit by the "not the last HP" nerf... but that might kill a few archetypes.

The idea might not even be a huge game changer besides these points: you'd still have to take the rest of the tower's HP as usual, and spells would still be able to.

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