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Is it just me or....

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Is it just me or master I and master II are the most toxic leagues.

I play 2.9 (which is already kinda toxic but don't count that). After a week or 2 break I played ladder today. I faced 13 lvl golem deck, some weird s*** Like golem Royal Recruits ram rider clone (everything LVL 13), a royal giant pekka deck (this time not only 13 lvls) and x bow 3.0 (2.9 but with knight) when I played. When I play 5600+ I face popular decks or at least some intelligent one.

When I played on 4600+ (League reset) I faced a lot of popular decks too(Mainly golem)

Oh and don't say anything like "Ladder is based on trophies" or "Try to play chall I and II lmao". The reason why chall I and II aren't that toxic is because they aren't overleved (at least not this much)

Oh and I'm not tilted or sth (I won every matchup) so that's not a case why I think M1 and M2 are the most toxic.

What do U think?

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