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To people who say supercell only care about money

Soul Crusher

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Taken from the supercell websites

We didn’t create this company to make money. But the fact is we’ve been lucky enough that our financial success has given us a unique opportunity to think very long term, be very patient, take big risks and do things that most people haven’t done before. To us, it still feels like very early days, both for Supercell as a company and mobile gaming as an industry. Our dream is to create games that people will remember and hopefully even play for decades. And we want to build a company that will last for decades. A company whose employees will think it’s the best place they’ve ever worked. And, finally, a company that not only does good for its players, employees and shareholders, but also for the greater community around it. We’ve been so incredibly fortunate, and that’s allowed us to help others around us.

“ThEy wIlL alWaYs SAY tHoSe tHiNgS” but this is true

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