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Most Skilled Win Conditions in order

Soul Crusher

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I base skill off how difficult it is to use it.

  1. Mortar- Hard to get a lock vs good players
  2. Xbow- Same reason as Mortar but does the job a little better
  3. Miner- Can do some advanced tricks such as pulling pekka to opp lane
  4. Goblin Barrel- Lot's of juking placements and sometimes can be used on defence
  5. Baloon- Can be "pig pushed" with a troop like bats to bypass buildings
  6. Hog Rider- Fast card great for punishing at low elixer or bad cycle. Can be used defensively
  7. Graveyard- Get one good defence then use GY on the counterpush, use spells as needed
  8. Battle Ram- Very difficult to get a connection, really useful for kiting units
  9. Rocket- Basically use it when your opponents win condition is out of hand, then defend
  10. Royal Hogs, Almost garenteed tower damage unless opponent has a building.
  11. Goblin Giant- Less health than giant so harder to get him onto the tower
  12. Giant- Invest in back or punish at the bridge depending on what opponent does
  13. Ram Rider- Just place it on defence then spam units behind it on the counter attack. The hog rider but helps noobs on defence.
  14. Royal Giant- Very easy damage, still gets a bad rap
  15. 3 Musketeers- Can't punish them unless you have a big spell. Split them then spam troops in front of them at the bridge.
  16. Wallbreakers- Just place them at the bridge and force out a negative elixer trade or neutral
  17. Skeleton Barrel- Same as Wallbreakers, spam it at the bridge and force out a negative/neutral trade or tower damage
  18. Lavahound- Wait for opponent to place a card, then lavahound same lane or do it first play like an intellegent player.
  19. Golem- Do it first play and get away with it. Almost garenteed tower damage unless opponent has icebow or splashyard. Even Pekka can't fully counter it.
  20. E-Golem- Worse than golem, ignore your entire tower if you can

What are your guy's thoughts? Do you agree, disagree? Let me hear what you think

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