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[Unpopular Opinion] Cards like E Barbs and wizard don’t need re-works/buffs.

Soul Crusher

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It’s common for people to point out that cards like e barbs and wizard are garbage and need changes. It’s true that these cards don’t see any competitive play or appearance in top ladder, but maybe that’s ok. To me it seems like every card should be relevant in some way, but some cards have a different niche. E barbs and wizard have a niche: they are commonly used in lower ladder (especially wizard which is the 10th highest use rate across all battles for the last 14 days). To me if a card has a niche then it probably doesn’t need much attention. It doesn’t have to be relevant on the competitive scene, it just needs to be relevant somewhere. What do you all think? Should the goal of balancing be to make every card viable in top gameplay or should the goal be for every card to be relevant somewhere in the game?

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