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[Useless Fact] How Much Lifetime Does An Ice Golem Reduce From Any Building With Every Hit?

Soul Crusher

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(Note: there might be a lot of mistakes here, maybe even the whole thing is wrong, correct me anytime!)

This is based on the challenge levels stats.


  • Lifetime: 40sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 6.63sec.

  • New Lifetime: 33.37sec.

Canon/Canon Cart

  • Lifetime: 30sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 2.83sec.

  • New Lifetime: 27.17sec.

Goblin Cage

  • Lifetime: 20sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 1.75sec.

  • New Lifetime: 18.25sec.


  • Lifetime: 35sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 2.56sec.

  • New Lifetime: 32.44sec.

Bomb Tower

  • Lifetime: 25sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 1.55sec.

  • New Lifetime: 23.45 sec.


  • Lifetime: 30sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 1.72sec.

  • New Lifetime: 28.28sec.


  • Lifetime: 50sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 4.14sec.

  • New Lifetime: 45.86sec.

Goblin Hut:

  • Lifetime: 40sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 3.31sec.

  • New Lifetime: 36.69sec.

Inferno Tower

  • Lifetime: 30sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 1.44sec.

  • New Lifetime: 28.56sec.


  • Lifetime: 40sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 2.02sec.

  • New Lifetime: 37.98sec.

Elixir Collector

  • Lifetime: 70sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 5.52sec.

  • New Lifetime: 64.48sec.

Barbarian Hut

  • Lifetime: 50sec.

  • Reduced Lifetime: 2.41sec.

  • New Lifetime: 47.59sec.

That's it! Wasted your (Life)time successfully...

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