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[unpopular opinion] "annoying" or passive buildings shouldn't have a long lifetime

Soul Crusher

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What do I mean by annoying or passive building? This includes: All the spawners except Tombstone & Goblin Cage, and of course the infamous X-Bow. These cards, since they are a building with long lifetimes, all have the extreme capability to slow games down. They are inherently passive cards, and can't be said to be fun to fight against.

Their long lifetime only adds to this annoyingness factor and magnifies the frustration, so I suggest that the lifetime of these buildings should all be decreased with some counter-buffs to make up for the decreased lifetime. These buildings are very annoying so I think a lifetime decrease for these buildings would help them be less frustrating and allow the game to be in a healthier spot.

A lifetime decrease but a buff in other ways would make the annoying spawner strategy even less prevalent (basically killing it for good) but make them more viable in other archetypes as a defensive option. I mean like almost nobody like spawners so reducing lifetime but buffing HP or something to make them better in other aspects would be a win-win situation.

What do you think about these buildings? Do you think they are fine as they are or need changes?

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