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I hope you guys can agree with these changes, or if you don’t feel free to comment with a rebuttal and we can have a debate. Either way I’ll get into the balances I want now that I think would make the meta a lot healthier and more enjoyable.

Fisherman - Health -7%

Fisherman has had quite the surge in popularity, finally receiving the attention it deserves after being a dead card for so long. Fisherman is a high skill card and it definitely deserves a spot in the meta, but it has definitely become just a little bit too powerful. I think a nerf to his health is the perfect nerf to make the card a good bit easier to die without killing the card again. Every time his hook mechanic has been buffed or nerfed the card has either been broken or dead, so they can’t touch that again. The right nerf can change the card from just a bit too strong to balanced, which would be awesome for a card that has never really been balanced. (Remember when it was 4 elixir? Fun times.)

Heal Spirit - Healing -5%

Heal Spirit is a very good card in the meta, and provides quite a lot of value for only 1 elixir. Heal Spirit has high use and win rates in top ladder as well as Grand Challenges. It can heal up to half the health of mid-health cards like Royal Hogs and Musketeer, and allow tanks like Royal Giant and Pekka to get a lot more damage on whatever they are targeting. It’s important not to nerf its healing too much or you will result in it being dead like its predecessor, the Heal Spell. They can’t nerf its health or damage because if it dies to something like Zap or can’t one-shot Skeletons/Bats, it would be a dead card.

Bats - Hit Speed +0.1s (1.1s -> 1.2s)

Bats are an insanely strong card on defense when the opponent doesn’t have Zap. Even if they do, it is a neutral elixir trade and every second the opponent hesitates on placing the Zap is a second of free value the Bats get. Bats can melt tanks like Royal Giant and Pekka easily and deal massive tower damage if sent in with a tanking troop such as Miner. The Bats have very high use/win rates and a small hit speed nerf would be enough to knock them down a pin. You can’t nerf health or damage because their interactions with other Bats and other Skeletons would be completely changed and it would be a dead card, and you can’t nerf the count to 4 (they tried that and it was dead, they had to buff it to 5). This is the real true only way to nerf the card, and the Bats would still be a viable card. If this Bats nerf makes Night Witch weak, she could be buffed (something to her personally, like her damage/health or faster Bats spawn).

Earthquake - Movement Slowness Buff (50% -> 70%)

The Earthquake rework made the card a lot less effective defensively, and the card was phased out for other cards like Arrows, Giant Snowball and Poison in most decks. They completely removed the hit speed reduction in exchange for a small buff to the movement slowing, and to most people that just wasn’t worth it. Another increase in movement reduction to bring it closer to what Ram Rider has (she has 85% slowness) would make the card more viable defensively and give it a place again in meta decks.

X-Bow - Health -5%

I guess if they do the proposed Earthquake buff above, and Earthquake makes a bigger return to the meta, then this nerf wouldn’t be needed, but without this hard counter being used very often the X-Bow is just as frustrating to many people as it has been for a long time. X-Bow can get massive damage on the tower if ignored for even a small period of time, and undoing a 5% health buff that was given to it a while ago should take away a sliver of health that can give the X-Bow lots of damage on your tower. Some may argue that the win and use rates don’t reflect a broken card, but Freeze and Executioner in their super broken states did not have extreme win/use rates, and that told us the story of balanced cards that were frustrating and unfun.

Damage Spells - Tower Damage Nerf (35% -> 30%)

This is basically calling for all spells that can deal damage to deal only 30% of their damage to towers, instead of 35% as it is right now. A while ago, all damage spells had their tower damage nerfed from 40% to 35%, because spell cycling was very prevalent within the game. For a lot of people, it feels like spells have reached that point again in the game. Decks like X-Bow really only need one or two X-Bow locks on the tower before they can play total defense and Rocket cycle the opponent’s tower, an incredibly frustrating playstyle and something that isn’t cohesive to a fun Clash Royale experience. Recently, decks have emerged somewhat in the meta that are literally only defense and spell cycles. One more popular example is the Graveyard deck that has Knight, Ice Wizard, Tornado, Baby Dragon, Bomb Tower and Poison, except it doesn’t have Graveyard and it is just pure defense and spell cycle, and another example is a variation of X-Bow that doesn’t have X-Bow but has Rocket Log Tornado cycle. Now, these decks are not the most popular by a long shot, but the fact that decks that are literally only spell cycle are viable in the meta and that multiple people have had success with those decks, is a sign that spells do too much damage to towers and need another blanket tower damage nerf. Spells are not and should not be a win condition as they are right now.

Bowler - Push Back the Princes

Bowler has been quite the neglected card in Clash Royale for a very long time, and the sad part is it’s not given the same attention as other very underpowered cards (Royal Recruits, Elite Barbarians and Witch all get a lot more attention). After Firecracker was added, she became a hard counter to Bowler, being able to dodge all of his rocks. Even after the Firecracker’s pushback nerf, she still dodges all his rocks and hard counters him for a 2 elixir positive trade. She is popular in the meta and Bowler can’t stand a chance with her there. The buff I listed for Bowler, letting him push back the Prince and Dark Prince, is very interaction-specific and would definitely not be nearly enough to make the Bowler viable,. However, it would make it better against those two cards. The main reason why I am choosing this buff is for consistency, however. According to this post https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/gbs11t/additional_card_stats/ , Prince and Dark Prince have the same mass (6) as Knight, Miner and Golemites. Why, then, would Bowler not be able to push back the Princes specifically? I really don’t understand why this is a thing and it is really more of a fix than a buff in my opinion. They say they are afraid to lead to a defensive meta but they’ve buffed Zappies twice while Bowler has suffered, so I think it’s time to give Bowler love and attention. If they wanted to give him a real buff on top of the consistency fix, they could do something like a faster first attack speed or a further range of his rock. But Bowler needs something.

Let me know your thoughts! Hopefully supercell sees this.

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