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opinion: Elixir Golem needs to be changed. It is one of, if not the, worst cards-added to the game.

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Before anyone says I'm salty, I have played elixir golem a good amount. I wasn't playing EG in its beginning days because I didn't have time to play CR (thanks band), but I took up the deck in April, after watching two videos about it.

I have not ever felt any dirtier playing any deck besides this one. I thought golem was easy enough, but elixir golem takes it to a whole new level. Having a tank that costs 3 elixir allows you to invest almost unpunishably- if you golem in the back, you can get punished. With elixir golem? They have way more elixir at their disposal so they can defend and still be able to build an insanely threatening push. What's the deal with the 4 elixir you get back when your tower your defending units are crippled? After watching those two videos, I was able to beat players better than me (including several top 10k people); the first time I hopped into a classic challenge I went 12-2 with the deck, and I'm still an average player. When I say people who play elixir golem are carried, I mean it.

When playing vs elixir golem, even if you have the matchup, there is almost no wiggle room; if you make even a small mistake, or if you even have a bad starting hand, you are almost certainly going to lose the game. On the other hand, the elixir golem player can make visible errors and still be able to win. For example, I once started a game by misplaying a barbarian hut AT THE BRIDGE, and I still managed to win. The opponent was playing double barrel bait and he had similar stats to me. While most decks rely on you to drop cards with good timing and placements, elixir golem doesn't even require that. Not to mention the fact that elixir golem becomes a tank and then a swarm means convential anti-beatdown cards like PEKKA are less effective vs it.

I know the card isn't the best in the game right now, but it's extremely unfun to go against and I'd say even promotes bad habits. In my opinion, an elixir golem player has almost never outplayed another person. A possible rework I have in mind is having a golem and three blobs, with you getting 1 elixir from killing the golem and 1 from each blob. I hope this card can be reworked to become cool to watch instead of the same mashing over and over again.


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