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How to Ban a Player from Clan?

Soul Crusher

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Is it possible to ban someone from a clan?

A kid from my son’s school joined our clan and got promoted to Co-Leader by another kid. They thought it would be hilarious to kick as many members as possible, including people who had been in the clan a long time. After this one player kicked a lot of people, he posted offensive stuff and left the clan. He came back a few days later, posted stupid comments and was kicked. He changed his player name and kept re-joining even after the clan moved to Invite only (clearly invited by the original friend.). The original friend was told to stop but did it again and promoted him. I kicked this kid out several times and the original friend was kicked by our Leader.

The clan just moved to Open status and the kid came back again today, said I was the one to Invite him and then left. It’s like being back in junior high school again (I’m 50+).

I’ve reported him for bad behavior but he keeps coming back. Is there a way to ban him from re-joining without making the clan Invite only again?

Appreciate your suggestions.

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