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How much players did join this Global Tournament?[To be Finished]

Soul Crusher

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I wanted to know how many are probably going to get 20 wins in the upcoming challenge, so I tried to make an estimate by looking how many players were in the global tournament. This is all assuming players only play others with just as much wins. This is ofcourse not true, but it's the best estimate there is.

So far the top 18 have 30+ wins, as you can see in the spreadsheet 3.04/1,000,000 reach 30 wins.

`1 000 000 x 18 / 3.04 ~ 5,9 million players

That means there's around 6 million players who played the global tournament.

So this maybe also gives an answer to the question that has been unanswered for a long time:

How many active players are in the game? / How many active accounts are in the game?

When the tournament finishes and I find someone who made it close to #1000 in the gt it will be much more reliable, because if just three more get 30 wins the estimate will already be 7 million. Also a lot haven't had 5 losses already, that changes it as well.

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