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[Effort] Cards Which The Average Low/Midladder Player Doesn't Know How To Counter

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Hey guys, I just wanted to put out a list of cards which are quite useful in low/midladder (I'll just call it midladder from here on out) because they're either out of the midladder meta or are considered sucky by midladder players in general. It would be a good idea to at least incorporate a few of these cards into your ladder deck, because confusing overleveled opponents with a card they haven't seen or have a hard time countering is a great way to catch them off guard for the win.

Note: People also tend to struggle with things like Wizards, E-Barbs, and Balloon Rages, but I want to talk about cards and strategies which are actually viable in higher levels of play.

Win Conditions:

  • Graveyard
    • People seem to not know how to properly counter graveyard, especially with support troops along with it. They tend to prioritize the support troops, letting the GY swarm for a ton of damage, maybe even taking the tower.
  • Siege
    • X-Bow
      • Midladder players tend to have slow reaction time, so if can catch then down a bit of elixir and place an X-Bow they most likely won't stop it from connecting. Try to always have spells for swarms ready. I don't know the amount of times I've seen people defend X-Bow's with skeleton army or minion horde, only for them to be spelled away for massive damage.
    • Mortar
      • Mortar isn't as dangerous as X-Bow (that's why its always used with another Win Con), but its so much easier to get a lock with it in midladder. Almost no one knows about the dead zone for Mortar in these ranges, so locks are easy if they spam something like Ebarbs at bridge to counter it (seem it more than I would like to admit). Just try to defend so that a lock produces at least a hit or two each time around, and you should be set.
  • Royal Giant
    • We have all faced the overleveled RG which gets a ton of hits regardless of what you do. But even with an underleveled RG, you can manufacture success in midladder. As long as you counter swarms effectively, the RG will always get hits in regardless against bad opponents. On top of that, buildings are scarce, with the only one I personally see regularly is Furnace. Tornado is also a rare sight, because noobs don't think it does enough damage.
  • Sparky (With an E-wiz killer and Tank) Note: Sparky isn't actually a Win-Con, but I'd rather put it here.
    • Sparky, even though its all over the Challenger trophy range, is still hard for noobs to counter. Their default response is either E-wiz or a swarm. Swarms are pretty self-explanatory, but as long as you use Sparky as a counterpushing unit and stick something like a Mini Pekka in front, they will play troops into your Sparky in sheer panic.
  • Miner+Swarms
    • At medium/high levels of play, people struggle to keep up with the speed of Miner+Swarms and the counter-intuitive way of countering these pushes. In midladder, its even better, because people don't even face this combination in the first place. Midladder players tend to want to counter the Miner first, so play Miner at the back or sides of the princess tower in order to make sure the support troop only focuses on the Miner and lets the support troops connect.
    • Common Swarmy Troops:
      • Wall Breakers: They're fast, can't be countered by a small spell, and kill swarms/low-health troops when they connect. Also can kite stuff, like kiting bandit and dealing damage to a tower (credit to Bag). Not much else I have to say.
      • Bats: Just great card all around, but are countered easily when alone. Always have a thank/mini-tank ready or zap bait when used on defense, because you're screwed if they zap/splash them away.
      • Spear Gobs: Similar to bats, but also are a great ground distraction but not as High DPS.
      • Skeleton Barrel: Scroll Down a Bit, but similar to spear gobs and bats.
  • Skeleton Barrel (With Bait/Miner)
    • Skeleton Barrel is guaranteed chip in midladder, because nobody cares to counter them before it reaches tower. A lot like balloon. But on top of that, the Skeletons from the barrel are released in such a way that some timing is needed in order to prevent the skeletons from hitting the tower once. Well, whaddya know, midladder players don't time things very well. My favorite time to do this is when they drop a splash troop in the back. They think that it will fully counter skele barrel, but it will still do a few hundred damage at the least. If using bait, try to bait out spell with goblin barrel, or with Miner, try to force them to use a troop on the miner so they're low on elixir.

Support Cards (don't want to explain as much here cuz I'm lazy)


  • Cannon Cart: Can lock on tower easily.
  • Flying Machine: Look at cannon cart.
  • Dart Goblin (with adequate bait): Look at flying machine.
  • Princess (with adequate bait): Look at dart goblin. But only do that when you need to.
  • Giant Skeleton: They play into the GS bomb.
  • Rascals (with Bait): The boy + girl combination is the perfect model for a counter to midladder. High DPS and tanky for the spamming.
  • Magic Archer (when sniping tower): Midladder players don't know how to prevent the chip, and are pretty predictable with placements. Milo actually made a video on it as I was writing this. Go check it out.
  • Heal Spirit: Midladder players tend to ignore the heal spirit, never spelling it away or killing it before it heals up a ton of health to your troops.

Buildings: (*Not recommended)

  • Goblin Cage: Many try to counter the Cage, only to release the Goblin Brawler.
  • *Elixir Collector (with Bait, heavy deck, and cheap spam responses): The elixir lead can be overwhelming, but only if you play it very well.
  • Spawners:
    • Furnace: Works when overleveled, but why would you read my post then.
    • Goblin Hut: You can stack up a ton of spear gobs on defense and attack with the remaining.
    • Barb Hut: Such a solid defense vs all ground spam, and has high health and can tank overleveled balloons for at least one hit.

Spells (This is more of spells which Midladder Players don't know how to use, cuz only Lightning can be countered):

  • Barb Barrel: The barb from the barrel is great to kill off stuff behind the tank (like the common MK Wizard combo at 4k).
  • Lightning: Majority of midladder players do not know how to block a lightning. Its large range allows you to catch a lot of fireballies.
  • Rocket: Midladder players tend to stack up lots of troops together. A rocket can get all support off the board for a positive elixir trade.
  • Tornado: Great for pulling hogs to King for no damage (Overleveled hogs can probably take King Tower if you do it too much), and is great for controlling your opponents troops to your advantage.
  • Snowball: Noob small spells of choice are zap and log, so the slow and knockback of the snowball on offense and defense can catch them off guard.

And that's it for that. If you have any objections or recommendations, just comment. Might make a post about cards not to use in midladder if this gets traction. Peace, and good luck on your ladder adventures!

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