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Analyzing and rating all special effects/mechanics of the game. [Effort Post]

Soul Crusher

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hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well in this apocalyptic ass world. now onto the main purpose of this post:

I took some time to analyse all mechanics of the game, how good they are and why, and ranking them from best (most used and most effective) to worst (least used and not necessary to have)

THE ZAP MECHANIC: we have 5 cards with the zapping/resetting mechanic, electro wizard, electro dragon, zappies, zap and lightning. almost all decks must have one of these cards to counter infernos and sparky and to make cards re-target which deems them one of the most effective and must-have mechanics in the game.

THE SPAWN MECHANIC: not a lot of cards have this mechanic, huts and the witches are the only spawners in the game, this mechanic is supposed to give you the advantage of numbers as the game goes on, however all spawners have very low use and win rates except the night witch (but night witch is mainly good because of its death spawn and not the normal ones), this mechanic was very popular back when spawners was an effective archetype, but now all spawning cards (except night witch) need buffs to make them viable again. this mechanic is good but it deserves a buff overall.

THE AFTER-DEATH MECHANIC:some cards have an effect after death, whether it is a death spawn like night witch and goblin hut, or death damage such as death bombs and the golem's death damage. this mechanic is useful on defense and offense, the huts all became great and meta when they added death spawns to them, balloon for example is used by pros because even if it doesn't get a hit, it still almost always gets it's death bomb chip on the tower. night witch is also amazing because you don't get rid of her even after you kill her, making them very dangerous cards which you must pay attention to.

THE HEALING MECHANIC: the healing mechanic is probably the most awkward addition to the game. only the battle healer and the heal spirit have this effect, the healer is hated because it can change the tide of the battle by just healing all your offense, however it isn't necessary and can be useless in some situations. I think the healing ability is weird to balance, and both of the healing cards in the game need to get some attention.

THE ELIXIR GAINING MECHANIC:elixir golem and pump have this mechanic, and seeing their use and win rates, its not really an effective mechanic because it can be very high risk and not much reward, or it can be too rps for a lot decks and archetypes. both elixir advantage cards need to be balanced and paid attention to, just like the healing ability.

THE KNOCK BACK MECHANIC: this is probably on the most used and common mechanics, whether it is a spell or a troop or death damage, all decks have them. from firecracker to bowler to log to golem's death damage all kinds of decks have a card that can knock back, log and fireball are very commonly used cards in all types of archetypes, you don't even have to pay attention to your deck to see if it has one as it most definitely has.

THE CHARGING MECHANIC: prince, dark Prince and ram rider have this mechanic, this mechanic is really fun to play since your opponent might not pay attention and you get a massive hit and get an advantage. It definitely isn't a necessary mechanic but it can put pressure on your opponent.

THE SPEED ALTERING MECHANIC: this mechanic can be mediocre for some situations, not useful in others, and can be game changing as well. lumberjack is the most notorious card which has this mechanic, next are snowball, ice wizard, earthquake and rage. its used in many archetypes, from ice bow to golem. it can be useful but not necessary.

THE DISPLACEMENT MECHANIC: only fisherman and tornado have this mechanic. it isn't a must have and not all decks use them, but they definitely come in handy in a lot situations and can make not placing your troops correctly less punishing, it can also dislocate your opponents' defenses and offenses which can win you the game, however, it is a double edged sword as it can ruin your strategy and placement of your troops.

well these are all the special mechanics which are unique. NOW ONTO THE RANKING:

1- zap mechanic

2-displacing mechanic

3-knock back mechanic

4-after-death mechanic

5-speed altering mechanic

6-healing mechanic

7-spawning mechanic

8-elixir gaining mechanic

9-charging mechanic

please keep in mind that this is my ranking and it may be biased. how would YOU rank the mechanics? would you like to see another mechanic in new cards? please leave all your opinions down in the comments! thank you for reading, have a nice day everyone, clash on!

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