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[UNPOPULAR OPINION] Not All Midladder Players are Trash

Soul Crusher

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So, all not too often, I'll see a conversation about a certain deck/card and the midladder player immediately gets shunned like "you're trash" or "you're at midladder, so you wouldn't know much."

Now I know that midladder players aren't pros, but they aren't all too bad either. Sure, players playing for 3+ years are very much likely better than them, but some players are held back by levels, and are stuck at midladder due to CR's crappy progression system. They're not all bad.

There are 3 categories of players sub 6k:

  • Maxed out Level 13s above 5600
  • Overleveled players that are pretty bad but their levels carry them
  • Underleveled players that have likely only been playing for a year or so

I don't think it's necessarily fair to group all midladder players under one category due to these different categories in players. It is very much possible that an underleveled player is better than someone at 6k, and it is also very much possible that an over leveled player at 5k is worse than someone at 3k and are only there due to levels.

Ladder, quite frankly, only represents your skill level if you're maxed (AKA 6k+). Under 6k is just a mayhem of levels and skill. Progression hampers many players who have the skill level to climb further on ladder.

My friend has only been playing for about a year, but is at midladder and has won 10 CC's with 2.9 Xbow, and seeing how only 10% of players have won one CC, I think it's safe to say to that most of the player base is unable to do this. My other friend only has a PB as 5900 but recently won a GC. Only 1% of players haven won a GC. I know it's not something like a top 200 finish or anything, but I'll go ahead and say it's pretty damn good.

A few days ago, someone at 6.5k was looking to 1v1 someone (no hate to him btw, great guy, we practice a lot). I offered to 1v1 and he even told me not to get my hopes up. I actually won 2-1 (no I didn't hard counter, he used sparky against mortar miner poison, even admitted it was his matchup). I've beat several 6k players on my friends list and even some of my top 1k friends and some ranked players in CC's. I'm not trying to sound like I'm a pro, but I'd like to think that I'd probably be 6k+ if I had my deck maxed out.

I think there are many players like my friends and I who are definitely more skilled than the majority of people at their trophy range, but are just hampered due to levels.

TL;DR: Not all midladder players are trash, some are actually pretty skilled.

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