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Is everything gonna be dropped in a single video?

Soul Crusher

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Time of posting this: 10pm Sunday, SGT time

Been waiting for any news on this big update and it seems to be non existent. All we got is that video about CW 2.0, and let be honest, it was already expected.

What I really want to see what is this update about is more about what are the QOL changes, what is changing other then clans. Will the shop be revamped? Will Legend chests get better? Things like that. Not what we already expected. (And plus, cw 2.0 seems kinda mehhh now)

Honestly speaking, I was hype that the update is finally here but the silence from SC has honestly killed it. I don't even know whether if I want to continue playing. For all I know, when they mean August, it could be the last day of it.

I really love this game but my disappointment is immeasurable, and my hype for this update is ruined.

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