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When trading cards and selecting multiple maxed out cards, the gold you give should be the value of 1 of the max cards, not the sum.

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Unless I'm missing something, why is the total you have to deposit when you're trading for max level cards the sum of the values for all of them - you can only ever trade with one of them at a time.

Example: If I try to trade an epic card and offer 1 maxed out epic card for it along with 3 other cards, I have to also pay 5000 gold (in case the maxed out card is selected).

However, if I select all 4 maxed out epic cards, I'll have to pay 20,000 gold, even though only 1 can be selected in the trade and I will be paid back 15,000 after trade (or 20,000 if trade times out) - but I have to fork out the gold up front.

This especially makes a difference for legendary cards where each one is worth 20,000, so you might be forced to provide up to 60,000 extra gold up front for no reason.

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