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Card bans for legendary arena

Soul Crusher

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I’ve been playing Royale since release on and off, I stopped a few times just because I felt bored with it and moved onto other things. However, for about the past year I’ve been taking things a bit more seriously. I’ve been able to make my way up to Master I, but it feels like I am pulling teeth.

I have quit the game multiple times in the past year not out of boredom, but out of pure frustration with seeing the Mega Knight, Magic Archer, Wizard, Baby Dragon, Valk in nearly every single match I play. I’m able to counter sometimes, but overall I just end up getting pummeled. I’m not one to give up easily, but seeing the same cards played every single game is a little dull and frustrating for people that are trying to learn a deck that won’t give them an easy win like everyone else.

This is why I am proposing a card ban. Before a 1v1 ladder match, or possibly tourney? I am thinking to have an option to pick a card to ban. This would match the player with another player on their level who also picked the same card to ban. Obviously that player would not be able to play a deck with that card in it when they ban it, and an alert will come up if they try to.

One issue I see with this is the amount of people playing at one time might not be enough for some card bans, and queue times might increase a lot for obscure bans. A solution for this might be for Supercell to make a poll every season asking the community for 5 or 6 cards (or however many would seem fit) that they think should be able to be banned, picking 1 or 2 from each league level as to not ignore the lower leagues. With the tourney, players will be able to pick any of the proposed 5 or 6 cards to ban and match with others accordingly.

I understand nerfs and buffs to cards don’t always make the game better, which is why I’m proposing this alternate solution as to prevent power creep in the game, and letting players like me pick and choose cards that seem broken at our ranks. Not only have I quit because of these frustrating “no skill” metas at the lower leagues, but I know plenty of friends that used to play that quit as well because of this. I have no problem with people wanting to play these decks to try and get easy wins, but I don’t think players that are trying to get better at a certain deck need to be held back because a “meta” card destroys anything they throw at it.

I dunno maybe I’m just bad and need to get good lmao.

I would love to hear other thoughts on this, changes you would make, and if this is a garbage idea, then I would love to hear why.

Also 2v2 ladder pls.


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