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My thoughts on matchmaking

Soul Crusher

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While I use a certain deck for at least 10 games in a row, I will see a pattern of archetypes emerge. The pattern changes depending on the deck I use.

I currently use sparky, goblin giant, fisherman. While using this deck, I see about 35% Golem Beatdown and 35% Spell Bait. The other 30% are random decks with no obveous archetype.

I can defeat Golem decks 95% of the time, but I loose to Spell Bait just as often. Additionally, when I win or loose during that rare 5% of the time, I see a greater fluctuation of trophies than usual. For example: if I win a game I am predicted to win, I will gain between 25 - 29 trophies. If I win a game I am predicted to lose, I will gain between 30 - 35 trophies.

Now, occasionally, I will see a card that is very challenging for me to deal with, in ANY type of deck I face. Mega knight, inferno dragon, e wiz. I can't say, for sure, if the computer can tell the specific cards I do poorly against, because I haven't seen a consistent pattern in when I am placed against them. However, I do believe there is an algorithm set up to give me more/less difficult opponents based on the cards they use as a whole. I also believe that this is to help prevent extensive tilting.

We already know that the computer can track how often you play a card because each player has a favorite card. It may or may not be able to annalise the usage of ALL your cards during a battle, but the chances are likely. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that the computer can tell exactly what cards were most effective in securing the victory. Some heros of a match can be the element of surprise, superior defenders, alternate win conditions, trick plays, spells played on defence, spells played on offence, and even connection loss. There are so many factors; it would be ridiculous to assume the algorithm can track all of that. This leads me to believe that the cards played most often would just be labeled as most influential in a match.

Let's say you are playing classic spell bait. The opponent has the log and fireball, but no heavy tank. Naturally, you use princess and goblin barrel on heavy rotation to deal some damage. The opponent will be rotating firball and the log heavily on defence. You play inferno tower once or twice, but it plays no major role as the opponent has no tank and uses, let's say miner, primarily for damage. At the end of the match, the computer can only know who won, and that miner, fireball and the log were used a lot against you while you used princess, goblin barrel and goblin gang a lot. The computer also knows that inferno tower and possibly rocket did not play a large role in this match because they were not used often. With this information, the computer can make a few simple decisions. If you lost, those three cards may put you at a disadvantage. If you won, those three cards may give you the advantage.

At this point, the algorithm can put you up against any opponent, with the knowledge that you have good/bad chance against him. It can then adjust your trophies based on your success or failure, and search for similar opponents during the next matchmaking, as long as there are plenty of players online.

I want to hear your opinions on matchmaking. Do you think it is all totally random, totally rigged or something in between?

Sorry for any redundancy or spelling errors. I typed this up real quick on my phone and didn't really read it over before posting.

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