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Ultimate Guide to Elixir Golem [Don't Downvote Immediately]

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Elixir Golem is probably the most hated win condition, however this is because many peole, in my opinion, play Elixir GOlem the incorrect way, so in this post I am going to educate the people in this Sub-reddit how to use this infamous In ocndition in the correct way.

The deck I will be outlining s known as ELixir GOlem Sparky

--> Elixir Golem

--> Night Witch

--> Sparky

--> Ice Wizard

--> Tornado

--> Zap

--> Battle Healer

Way to Play:

First Never, EVER rush the Bridge with ELixir Golem, this is the way to lose. There are 2 ways to play ELixir Golem. but first we will go over the Rules.

--> Never Rush the Bridge with Elixir Golem

--> Do not cycle your Ice Wizard, its your only air defense

--> Do not waste your Tornado, it synergizes with Sparky and Ice Wizard

--> Never throw the Battle Healer or Night Witch at the bridge

--> ALWAYS play your sparky behind you king

So there are 2 ways to play the game, At the beginning of the game you never make the first move, you always want to wait for your opponent. Now if they push something small, meaning something the sparky can 1 shot, then you should play the Sparky behind you king in the opposite lane, ignore the small push, if it takes you tower...oh well. But lets say they have a Mega Knight at the bridge, yall know ho Ladder is, then you would have 2 options, 1) Use the Ice wizard to draw the Mega Knight into the center of the arena, then use the Tornado to pull it to the King Tower, an Activated King Tower should be your goal within the First Minute. 2) Play a sparky behind you King Tower same lane as the Larger Push.

Depending on the Size of the push you can react appropriately, Larger pushes you should play the Sparky into you King Tower Into the same Lane, Sparky is not the typical Tank Killer because of the Charge Time, but after that Large Push is dead, yo play elixir Golem and Night witch, You always want to push with Sarky and Night itch, this is because the night witch is a psuedo-tank killer, meaning with the 2 bats it spawns it can kill the Elctro-Wizard which is the most common counter to sparky, Electron-Dragon is usually only found in Golem Decks, but Golem pushes get eradicated because of Sparky + Nado. Night Witch and Elixir GOlm also synergize well, becausew hen the Golem Pops, the Tower re-targets onto the Night Witch.

Battle Healer is never to be used with the ELixir GOlem, it is not meant to , it does work well, however if you rush the bridge with Battle Healer, and splaysher with an Ice Golem will be able to kill the Push, in reality the only reason to keep battle healer is for the trolls, you can substitute it for any medium sized troop, mini pekka, valkry knight, or even goblin gang.

Ice Wizard is your only air defense, and thus you really should not waste it by cycling it, Tornado synergizes very well with it, however if you used the Nado to kill stuff with the Sparky, by pulling troops to the crown tower, thereby getting residua damage. With the amount of bait running around this season, zap plus ice wizard can kill minion horde, goblin gang, and goblin barrel, however most of the time you would want to activate king with tornado.

Good Luck Fellow Elixir Golem Players and I hope you learned to Play Elixir Golem the correct way

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