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reddit The Armory: New Legendary Building Idea

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People have been wondering about a potential legendary building for a while now, I’ve thought of a new idea.

Introducing the armory, a 4-elixir card that supplies your own troops with protective shields! Any troop that walks through the armory will be protected from spells while underneath, and upon exiting on the opposite side, will leave with a light shield.

I haven’t thought of any specifics in terms of stats, but probably something similar to goblin cage in health, able to distract a hog or giant for a couple of shots, but not it’s real goal. I think the shield health should be pretty comparable to guards, where it’s not a total game-changer, but could give a tank an extra shot against a pekka, or a support card an extra shot against a sparky or spell. Giving cards immunity from spells while under The Armory’s radius could allow for a lot of creative/big-brain plays, and provide some more depth to the meta. It seems pretty strong so I think a short, goblin cage-like lifetime sounds appropriate.

In terms of gameplay/appearance, the closest thing I could think of is the barbarian hut. A 3x3 tile building, with a wide entrance for troops to walk through. It would only be able to supply shields for ground troops, and only for one lane (simply for balancing purposes). Game designers could also put some kind of armor on the troop models after they exit The Armory for a nice little touch.

Just an idea I’ve been cooking up for a little while that could be pretty game changing, while filling a hole (legendary building) we’ve had for a while. As previously mentioned, I do think this has the potential to be pretty overpowered, especially in bait decks. If you have any ideas on how to improve this card, I’d love to hear them! With any luck, I’d love to see the CR devs take notice as well! Anyways, thanks for all your support, and clash on.

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