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5000 trophies Filthy Casuals #U8PRCY


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Hey all! Steph here, the leader at Filthy Casuals. We are, as the name gives away, casuals, but we expect activity in the form of donations and participating in clan wars. We currently run back to back wars with about 40 people, hoping to hit consistent mid to upper 40s with new members! We are in legendary league and ALWAYS get #1 AT LEAST once, so we get those sweet sweet chests.
  • King level 12 or 13
  • Frequent participation in clan wars; the more people there are, the more fun we'll all have! If you participate in prep day, you MUST participate in war day
  • Over 50 war day wins
If you are unsure if your troop levels are adequate for legendary league (we'll be looking for how many level 12 & 13 cards you have), feel free to send me a message with your player tag and we can talk.
(Please note while we have no set age minimum, we expect players to behave maturely when interacting and do not tolerate abuse, spam, or other childish behaviors)
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