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reddit [EFFORT POST] Season 13 Analysis: New Balance Changes, New Season Changes, and the Big August Update (Take my opinions with a grain of Salt!)

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Hello Everyone, J.Corby here. Happy late 4th of July, how did you celebrate it if you did? Well, it happened: We finally Know what “the BIG Update is”, when it’s coming, and just how much this will really affect Clash Royale! All I can say is wow, this was actually kinda crazy! But what actually is in the update, how does it affect us, and what’s in the Season 13 Update before it?! Well, let’s get into it, shall we?


• We’ll start off with how we usual start these post: Balance Changes. And while there are only a few Cards being touched (probably because of their Mandatory break), these changes aren’t that bad!

~Fishermen~: Hook Speed and Hit Speed decreased to 1.3 Seconds, From 1.5 Seconds

• To quote CWA on this: “This is the perfect Balance Change.”, and I couldn’t agree more. Fishermen has been dead for a very long time now due to how slow his Hook Speed was and how Tornado did it’s Job better for the same cost. Now with the faster Hook Speed and Hitspeed, he is a viable defensive option in Decks now.

• I do have once Concern though: Supercell said that they had to wait for the next Client Update (the Big August Update) to buff him because of the Touchdown and Stun Lock Bugs he has. Does this mean that they just ignored the Bugs and buffed him because they will be fixed in August? Are they Fixed now? If they aren’t, it will hinder his Viability a lot. We have to wait and see.

~Skeleton Dragons~: Nerfed Damage to 133 from 142

• With how strong the Skeleton Dragons are on their release, it makes sense why they got nerf. This does change some interactions, like now needing 3 Hits to take out Wall Breakers and 5 Hits to Take our Barbarians, but it’s not that major of a Nerf. They will still be Meta and might need another Nerf if they still dominate. Funny enough though, 133 is the exact same number as Baby Dragon’s Damage. Now they are even more alike to their alive counterpart.

~Zappies~: Buffed Damage to 96 from 84 and Increased Hitspeed to 2.1 Seconds from 2.0 Seconds

• Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this change. The extra Damage allows them to 2 Shot Minions and Ice/Heal Spirits, and even with the Hitspeed Nerf, it leads to around a 10% DPS increase. That’s nice, but I’m not sure it will be enough. The slightly slower Hitspeed will make Stun Locking not as likely (though the extra Damage basically means that interactions remain mostly the same), so that’s cool too. We will have to wait and see for this change, but I think they might need more for them to be viable.

~Firecracker~: Nerfed Self-Knockback to 1.5 Tiles from 2.0 Tiles

• Now this is a solid change! Don’t we all hate it when we perfectly place our Spells to damage the Crown Tower and hit a Troop, but then she hits something and Dodges our Spell, and then they make a big push and destroy our Crown Towers. That’s an exaggerated example but you get what I mean. The Knockback is what made this Card frustrating to deal with. This makes it easier to hit with Spells and for Troops to actually attack her without them re-targeting.

• Again, I have some Concerns about the change. 1) Bowler still Can’t even touch her, the Knockback is just too much. Not even making the boulder move faster would fix it unless it was ridiculously fast. And 2) Her Damage is still inconsistent with All Cards in the Game that can target Troops: being able to 1 Shot Skeletons/Bats at minimum. Yes, technically she does when all Bullets hit, but there are cases where only one Bullet hits and they still live. While I do like the Nerf and the direction it hopefully will go, she will still be a viable yet semi-frustrating Card to face. I wonder how she will affect the Meta now.


• Now onto the Season Changes, including new Emotes, Tower Skin(s), and Challenges being added to the Game

~Emotes and Tower Skin~:

• The Pass Exclusive Emote (Pekka drinking from a coconut) is kinda cool, but not the best thing in the world. The paid offer Emote though (Pekka listening to a boom box), is really cool (you can get it in the shop after 3 Months like all paid offer Emotes) and might be similar to the Goblin Giant emote in “uses”. And then there’s the Challenge earned Emote (Skeleton with a Snorkel), also just kinda cool to me. But it is “free” so that’s nice. Not bad for the Emotes.

• The Tower Skin is pretty nice. I like the little hermit crabs and watermelons behind the Towers and the idea behind them are cool, while not necessarily unique though. Solid Tower Skin Season 3 is still the best though.


• Here’s something new that I don’t usually talk about in my Season Analysis: Challenges. Mainly because they always include a “Spawner” Challenge, I don’t think it’s necessary to cover them. But these are unique.

The Floor is Healing (no idea on how much will be Healed and how Often. Maybe Battle Healer passive healing HP healed?) is a semi unique mode (since we have Rage Mode) Concept and it’s going to fun to see what kind of Decks are played. And the big thing is that you CAN NOT use Buildings in this mode, only Troops and Spells, so it makes Deck Building more strategic. And then there’s the “Super Giant” Challenge, where there’s a “OP” (Supercell) Giant attacking and you need to defend against it. This is completely original and I love it! This also makes me think they are toying with the idea of a “Boss Battle” kind of PVE (Kinda like Boat Battles in Clan Wars 2) for future challenges or maybe even a Story Mode?! Who knows.

The 20 Win Challenge (and the same 20 Win Emote) is back! It will be coming on July 23rd to July 26th. I am very happy with this change since now everyone has a second Chance to get that 20 Win Emote again, the ultimate Emote for flexing (tied with the top 100 Global Tournament Emote of course) on your opponents. Maybe I’ll be able to get To anyone who has this Emote, watch out! I hope that whenever we do get 20 Win Challenges, that this Emote will always be there so people can possibly get it.


And before we close off, I just want to give my finalized thoughts on the what we seen so far of the Big August Update.

• While it is sad that Clans are still going to only be 50 Member instead of 200 like in the Developer Build, I understand and agree with the people who are saying that it’s way to much people to Manage for a Leader and a few COs.

• If we just got Clan Wars 2 and usual Season stuff for the Big August Update, I would be slightly disappointed, but understanding towards Supercell. We are in crazy times right now and they are all human like us.


So, what do you all think? Do you like the Balance Changes or Season Changes? What are your thoughts so far on the Big August Update after thinking about them for a bit. Let me know down below. We are super close to the Update that will make or break Clash Royale, and I’m excited to see what happens. Clash on everyone!

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