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reddit 2v2 ladder is a TERRIBLE idea

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I’ve seen plenty of people comment that supercell should add a 2v2 ladder, here’s my take on why that’s a bad idea

disclaimer: I’m referring to the competitive player base in this post since that’s the player base most affected for a 2v2 ladder

First of all I’ve always disliked the idea of making 2v2 anything more than a casual game mode (I’m looking at you crl), I personally think the meta is too wack for it but that’s just my bias, having a ladder for it would amplify the issue.

What is the issue? it would split the player base

Let’s just think about this: currently at the highest level you have top ladder and grand challenges, both 1v1 game modes. Adding 2v2 ladder would create a large sub section of top players who ONLY do 2v2. That means top ladder 2v2 players and maybe a grand challenge 2v2 down the road.

Most top players would end up playing exclusively in the game mode they’re best at, so now you have two different groups of top players who want entirely different things from the game.

Eventually the community would just split to the point where you have the 2v2 players and the 1v1 players, obviously players could do both but there will always be the mode they’re BEST at. Each mode would have many players exclusive to that side that give little to no shits about the other side of the player base, so yea this alone makes 2v2 ladder a terrible idea.

I do however think there could be a simple solution to make 2v2 more competitive without splitting the player base

add a hidden mmr to 2v2 like in collection battles so you play people your skill level

Unless there’s already a hidden mmr, in which case 2v2 is already in a fine spot, I wouldn’t know though because I never play 2v2

What do you guys think?

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