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🔥🔥🔥 Hey we are a clan just kicking off!!! Our clan name is FallingCrescent and our clan tag is #PL98Y8CJ. We started 1 day ago and already have 10 players! We are active in wars, donations and chat! Join us to reach the top! More information below ⬇️

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🌟Hey! We are a new clan. Our current member count during this post is at 10 members all level 8 and up! We have a Master III and Two Challenger league players who can give tips as well as deck suggestions! We are an active new war clan! All who see this are welcome to join! (Unless you use RG decks)😉


Clan rules:

- ❌You Must Have A King Tower Level 8 Or Higher!❌

- Players must donate a minimum of 100 donations

- All must be friendly are respectful! 

- Promotions must be earned through long term trust! (3-6 months for elder)

- Must speak English 

- If you miss a 3 wars in a row you get kicked

- Don’t use War preparation attacks unless you plan on attaching during the war!



- Do Not ask for promotions this will result in you getting kicked

- If you are going to be away for extended periods or are going to miss wars please let either me (ign: TrulyMeh) Or any other co leaders why you are gone

- Be active and show loyalty

- Have fun

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