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9DontKnow8 means irrelevant or nonsense. Whatever  you succeed or not is irrelevant. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and a creative effort.


Our philosophy is to build a happy and competitive clan with passionate and active players.


``` International clan with members from 15+ countries. We have working adults as well as students.```


We don’t force members to push but we want everyone to challenge himself/herself.                                      9DK8 is not just a gaming place but also social group.


The clan was founded in 2016. 

-We use WeChat to chat, 

-We just started our new discord server 

-We use royale api stats.


We are mostly working adults, some students. 






(1) core: skill players 6000+ pb

(2) active: <5 low trophy active players 5000-5999 (reason -for balance the trades and activity)

(3) should know at least some English 


Our members quality requirement - passionate and active. 


Are you interested in our clan or have questions? Come to our newly created discord. 



Please come check us out. Thx 😉




Royale api info:





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