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The games base is p2w, and if this ain't changed all the players will leave

Soul Crusher

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I have said this many times and I will say it again. The whole point of a game is to have fun and progress, and these things aren't possible because of the p2w base of the game. Let me explain a bit more in detail:

Supercell gave us the pass, which is the definition of p2w. But besides that, they didn't give anything to the people that didn't pay money, an example would be the queueing up chests feature, why is this only for people that pay? The community would have loved it way more if everyone got this feature, or the gold bank, why didn't f2p players get a bank or anything? Why didn't we get anything other than a bank after we finish the tiers? My point is proven for the pass.

And about the shop, why is everything not purchasable for f2p players? Like the chests? Or gem offers? Nothing is worth it.

Or for challenges? Pass royale players get those prizes guaranteed? Why dont f2p players have event tickets? Obtainable ones?

And progression is way to slow to actually enjoy the game, I get it needs time to upgrade and get gold, and that's fine, but grinding non stop to upgrade just 1 card from level 12 to 13? That's really not enjoyable when you also have to spend gems to actually be able to play (GC)

I don't care if this post gets removed, I just wanna tell the devs that the game is dying, because you aren't appreciating your player base. So fix that or you will start to lose money and respect.

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